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People with this star are careful in the 4th lunar month

In the horoscope, the star Cuu Dieu is considered to be the star of the zodiac according to the lunar age. Each year that passes, each star will enter an age and repeat cyclically in time. The Cuu Dieu star in the annual term calculation includes: Thai Yin, Moc Duc, La Hau, Ke Do, Thai Duong, Van Hon, Tho Tu, Thai Bach, and Thuy Dieu.

Among them, Mercury and Why is Van Hon? considered a sand star, this 2 star destiny will bring luck in fortune, no matter what you do, it will be smooth and convenient, the surrounding life will always have noble people to help. In particular, the whole year is smooth sailing except for the 4th month of the lunar calendar, so in this month you have to “stand still”, don’t risk doing anything, you may encounter bad things. influence fortune and family. This 2 star destiny this year also needs to learn more, continue to practice firmly to face the storm, then everything will quickly pass.

The fateful star in 2022: Those born in this year will meet the sand star Jupiter, a life of sublimation and luck - Photo 1.

According to the above table of the Cuu Dieu in 2022, the following can be seen:

– Men born in these years will have Mercury in the zodiac in 2022: At Mao (1975), Giap Ty (1984), Quy Dau (1993), Nham Ngo (2002), Tan Mao (2011).

– Females born in these years will have Mercury in their destiny in 2022: Mau Ngo (1978), Dinh Mao (1987), Binh Ty (1996), At Dau (2005).

– Men born in these years will have Van Hon in 2022: Nham Ty (1972), Tan Dau (1981), Canh Ngo (1990), Ky Mao (1999).

– Women born in these years will have the star Van Hon in 2022: Binh Thin (1976), At Suu (1985), Giap Tuat (1994), Quy Mui (2003).

Why is the term Tiger year 2022: People born in these years, in the fourth lunar month, sit quietly and wait for time to pass, even breathing is difficult and stormy - Photo 2.

Among the 9 stars of Cuu Dieu, Mercury and Van Hon are all good and auspicious stars, so the destiny of these 2 stars will often meet a lot of luck, especially next time will be blessed by the god of wealth and preciousness. condescending person. Those who are ruled by Mercury in the sky will benefit from fortune, the more they work, the more opportunities they will find to increase their income, some even develop wealth. And those who get Van Hon star, although not as lucky as Mercury, but just need to work hard, they can achieve the expected success.

However, when entering the 4th month of this lunar calendar, this 2 star destiny needs to be careful about everything, because there are many things that make them worry and feel insecure. This year is inherently a good year for those who are blessed by these 2 stars, but except for the 4th lunar month, the main thing to do is sit still, learn more, should not make hasty decisions, avoid affecting fortune and life.

(*This information is only for illustration purpose) tru-thang-4-am-lich-20220423184643276.chn

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