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Sao Khue Award 2022: Top 10 recorded revenue of more than 6,200 billion VND

Today (April 23), 174 excellent digital platforms, services and solutions were awarded the 2022 Sao Khue Award. In which, 10 services and solutions were honored in the Top 10 and 19 awards were ranked 5th. star.

According to statistics, 174 products, services and solutions awarded the Prize had a revenue of 16,000 billion VND, equivalent to 696 million USD, and 80% of the products and solutions awarded used pioneering technologies. such as Ai, Blockchain, RPA including products and solutions that bring especially high economic efficiency. 25 digital platforms and 17 pioneering technology solutions were also awarded Sao Khue, of which 01 digital platform and 01 excellent pioneering technology group solution were awarded Top 10 Sao Khue 2022.

Sao Khue Award 2022: Top 10 recorded revenue of more than 6,200 billion VND - Photo 1.

VINASA President Nguyen Van Khoa

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, President of VINASA said: “Vietnamese industrial enterprises have quickly access to new technologies, and at the same time, there is a methodical fragmentation in investment, research on integrated platforms and solutions between them. Digital ecosystems are gradually being formed for industries, fields and sectors of the economy, demonstrating the companionship of the technology business community with the Government and the Ministry of Information and Communications. – TT in the development strategy of Digital Government, Digital Economy, Digital Society, and engage with organizations and businesses in digital transformation.”

The group of financial and banking sectors has 17 solutions awarded the Sao Khue Award 2022, including 10 nominations in the banking sector and 7 nominations in the financial sector. According to the report of the Council, the products in this field are highly invested, methodical, have excellent quality solutions, meet the needs of users well, bring very high financial efficiency, Save time and personnel. For example, Vietinbank’s eFast, which was awarded the TOP 10 Sao Khue Award 2022, currently has more than 160 operations with >160.00 SMEs in use and 68% of transactions are being performed online on this system. A representative of the Organizing Committee said that the financial and banking industry is undergoing digital transformation very quickly and is superior to other industries. Banks have been strongly involved in promoting the digital transformation of other industries, making an important contribution to building the digital economy.

Top 10 Sao Khue 2022 and 5-star Sao Khue Award

According to the report, 10 products and services are spread in areas such as digital government, digital finance, business operations management, sales management, education and training, platforms, new products. and software export and digital transformation services. Total revenue of 10 businesses in 2021 will reach over VND 160 trillion (nearly USD 7 billion), an increase of 15% compared to 2020. Total revenue of 10 products and services in 2021 will reach VND 6,242 billion, an increase of nearly 300% compared to 2020. with 2020.

5-star Sao Khue – In addition to selecting the TOP 10 Sao Khue Award, the best nominees in each field are unanimously voted for 5 stars. There are 19 IT solutions and services in 6 field groups that were awarded the 5-star Sao Khue Award in 2022.

Notably, 12 digital platforms and solutions in the Made by FPT Comprehensive Digital Transformation Ecosystem were honored at the Awards Ceremony in many award categories. In which, the excellent FPT Cloud cloud computing platform was in the list of Top 10 Sao Khue Awards and the remote digital signature solution FPT.eSign was honored to receive the 5-star title. Besides, FPT’s Digital Transformation Consulting Service is a comprehensive digital transformation consulting service for businesses honored at the 2022 Sao Khue Awards.

In addition to FPT Cloud and FPT.eSign, 10 other platforms and solutions of FPT simultaneously won the Sao Khue title in 2022, including: FPT Digital Digital Transformation Consulting Service; Online Shareholders’ Council solution; UBot – Business process automation solution using RPA; Foxpay e-wallet; Monitoring and handling system for road traffic safety and order violations (FPT.iPect); FPT CloudSuite – A suite of multi-cloud management solutions (multi-cloud) for businesses; CrystalSound – AI-powered sound improvement solution; OnCX Customer Care Call Center Solution; Centralized network security management service FPT.EagleEye mSOC; Sendo e-commerce platform/Solutions for consuming clean agricultural products using Sendo Farm e-commerce.

Sao Khue Award 2022: Top 10 recorded revenue of more than 6,200 billion VND - Photo 2.

Honoring Sao Khue 5 stars

Besides, FSI’s WEONE Business Automation System Solution is also rated 5 stars in the field of New software products and solutions. This is a simple and comprehensive solution for business administration and operation on one platform, helping businesses optimize management and operation efficiency. Towards leanness in management and simplicity in use, but still fully solves business management problems such as: process management, work management and document warehouse management, .. WEONE is a solution suitable for all businesses from small with a few dozen people to large corporations with thousands of employees.

Ms. Do Thu Thuy – Marketing and Communication Director of FSI said: “The year 2021 is a difficult year for the economy, society in general and businesses in particular, but it also creates motivation for FSI to perfect and develop products. WEONE products as they are now. The WEONE business automation system helps businesses and organizations accelerate the digital transformation process, increase productivity, save costs, make the most of resources to overcome challenges; has wide applicability in many fields.”

First held in 2003, after 18 years, there were 1,269 Awards, and in 2022 there were 1,343 excellent Sao Khue honored. Communication and connection activities of the Sao Khue Awards have become an effective launching pad for Vietnamese IT brands, thereby always contributing to strongly promoting strategic policies for the development of the information technology industry in particular. and Vietnam’s economy in general in each stage of development.

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