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Signs of giant livestream platform starting to “open” globally, domino chains about to collapse in Vietnam?

In recent times, one of the information that has been discussed by the international gaming community is that a very large livestreaming platform has begun to show signs of closure on a global scale. This platform is inherently not a strange name to the Vietnamese gaming community with the name N**o.

Signs of giant livestream platform starting to

According to, N**o is the international version of the Huya streaming platform. While it doesn’t quite compete with Twitch and YouTube in most Western countries, it’s home to a lot of streamers and even some of the big e-sports. This decision comes a few weeks from the giant Tencent itself.

The website also said that Huya is one of the largest streaming sites in China and its expansion into other regions has made it increasingly popular. However, the platform itself is struggling with the regulatory situation in China becoming increasingly complicated and tight for game-related companies. The limitations have caused the platform’s main investor Tencent to back down, after becoming a major shareholder only recently.

Signs of giant livestream platform starting to

It is known that the shutdown of N**o will affect a total of 12 regions. In particular, the decision to “kill” Nimo in 14 different markets, including Tencent’s Brazilian “gold mine”, made people feel extremely surprised, even causing confusion and fear for Streamers in the market. other of N**o. This is where 60% of the platform’s users are located and a heavy blow to the country’s streamers. Most of the markets where N**o and Huya are present are very developed in terms of Esports. The closure will certainly have some impact on players and the broader Esports community, including League of Legends, Glory of Kings, League of Legends, and Wild Rift.

Signs that the giant livestream platform is starting to

In Vietnam, the community also began to notice some signs of instability, typically the banning of Streamer from using donations outside the platform, greatly affecting the income of many people. This shows that N**o in Vietnam is trying to optimize its revenue when the parent company is no longer “swinging hands” as before. As for whether the domino chain will collapse or not, time will soon tell. chn

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