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The attic apartment looks simple but attractive

If you just look at the space, people think that this is a luxury villa with full functional areas. However, when learning about this enchanting space, many people realize that, a high rise apartment with an attic enough to captivate anyone who has the opportunity to look.

To create a special impression for the house on high, the owner of the apartment decided to create a contrast of colors on the same wall, choosing the highest point of the ceiling as the place to divide the space. The interesting thing lies in how to create a light and dark area that is both simple and effective.

The space is large enough to divide two functional areas in the same floor. Split point from dark wall to wood color wall. Light colored sofa in the same tone as the curtains. The function area exudes a modern, good-looking beauty with wooden floors, the tea table is placed on a dark carpet.


Apartment before renovation.


Space with unique color contrast.


Small corner placed near the window with lots of light.


Seamless functional areas.

The kitchen island is arranged in the center of the house with cabinets and stove. The kitchen island in the middle both increases the storage space and adds many interesting functions to the habits and lifestyle of everyone in the family.

The space is spacious and cozy.


The kitchen island is located next to the stairs to the mezzanine.


Multi-purpose area, convenient for daily life.

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Quiet, cozy space with neutral colors.

The small corner next to the window is designed with a shoe cabinet combined with a divider for the entrance. The space has a limited area but is still decorated skillfully with ivory white color combined with wood color. The niches are placed with LED lights to help the smallest decorative items stand out.


The dining corner is located right next to the window, where natural light is abundant. In that small corner, there are also beautiful and youthful wall paintings and ceiling lights. Two contrasting wall colors with two different colors help people feel very clearly the reasonable division of space.


The dining table is placed parallel to the living room.


The space is filled with light.

The bathroom is favored with a fairly spacious space, where people can arrange a bath inside. The decorative details are very small such as beautiful glass vases with leaves, paintings placed next to the bathtub. Beautiful and convenient space with simple and reasonable layout of colors and equipment.


Small, modern bathroom.

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Full of necessary functions and utilities.

The private bedroom has accents from the dark wall. The bedside wall area helps other small and beautiful furniture stand out. The resting space uses only a few suitable furniture such as a built-in wardrobe, a dressing table with a bedside tab, a bed…

Everything becomes harmonious and harmonious in the presence of wide open windows, pulling the curtain can bring the whole sky outside into the room.


The room is neatly arranged.

The mezzanine is the place to arrange a small common room for family members. The rooms above are not very large, but with a reasonable arrangement, everyone feels more loved than every small corner in the impressive house designed, constructed and decorated by themselves.


The mezzanine is designed to suit the needs of use.


Comfortable and cozy space.

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