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The contestant who has a live voice like ‘swallowing’ the disc at Miss Universe Vietnam 2022

Among the 71 contestants who have just entered the next round of the Miss Universe Vietnam contest, the beautiful Thanh Thuy (from Phu Yen) stands out for her singing ability. She always brings positive energy and optimism through her voice to the judges and contestants.

In the side activities of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Thanh Thuy performed the song Water cake (composed by Ho Hoai Anh). Her powerful voice surprised everyone present in the auditorium. Mr. Bao Hoang – CEO Miss Universe Vietnam – commented Thanh Thuy has a live voice like swallowing a disc. The other contestants applauded and sang along with Thanh Thuy every word.

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Beauty Thanh Thuy.

Previously, on April 21, the clip Thanh Thuy introduced herself and called for votes with the song that reached the top trending on Tiktok. In the clip, the beauty sings a part of the song I owe you and ended with the call: “If you still owe me, please vote for me, 119 from Phu Yen”.

Before the call for a one-of-a-kind vote, Miss H’Hen Nie was excited. Sitting next to her, supermodel Vo Hoang Yen laughed and had to get up from the judge’s chair. “That’s so good,” Vo Hoang Yen exclaimed.

Thanh Thuy is not a strange name for fans who love Vietnamese beauty. She was honored as Miss Talent at the Miss Tourism Vietnam contest 2020. She graduated with a major in vocal music from the Military University of Culture and Arts in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to singing, she is also a traditional martial arts instructor.

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Coming to this year’s Miss Universe Vietnam contest, Thanh Thuy said she was under a lot of pressure in front of a strong lineup of contestants. However, the beauty said she was confident in her own abilities and efforts.

“When I showed my singing talent at the competition, I received support from the judges and contestants. That makes me extremely happy and happy. I have gone through many hardships to fulfill my passion for singing and want to challenge myself at the stage of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022″, Thanh Thuy confided.

Thanh Thuy’s purpose when participating in the contest is to conquer the highest position of Miss Universe Vietnam. Since then, carrying out the mission of helping many poor women in the countryside of Phu Yen in particular as well as in Vietnam in general. She wants them to understand their own abilities, confidently pursue their dreams and create a career to change their lives.

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During the contest, Thanh Thuy said she was impressed with Thao Nhi Le’s professionalism, Ngoc Chau’s strong internal force and Ngoc Oanh’s affection and care.

“I will try my best at this year’s competition. Wish the other contestants always keep their health and energy during the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 journey,” she expressed.

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