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The man killed his drinking partner and left his body in the garden

Defendant Vi Van Khanh (in An Giang), after killing his drinking partner, dragged the victim’s body to the back of the garden.

On April 23, the police investigation agency of An Giang province police organized a trial of the crime scene “Murder” that occurred in An Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district. The defendant in the case is Vi Van Khanh (54 years old, living in An Hoa commune).

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Suspect Khanh. Photo: Seriously

According to the investigation, on the evening of February 26, Khanh invited Mr. PVH (50 years old) to the house to drink. While drinking, the two had a conflict. Mr. H. used chopsticks to stab Mr. Khanh. Both struggled, Khanh held a stone to hit Mr. H.’s head repeatedly, causing the victim to die. After that, Khanh went to the house to sleep.

On the morning of February 27, Khanh woke up and dragged Mr. H.’s body to the back garden. After that, people discovered Mr. H’s body, so they reported it to the police.

bi can khanh tai buoi thuc nghiem hien truong vu an anh nghiem tuc 5efd00a0439d4434aa8d84ec19cfb7e9
Defendant Khanh at the crime scene experiment. Photo: Seriously

During the investigation, the police agency of An Giang province police prosecuted and arrested the accused Khanh.


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