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The remedy to beat the persistent cough is easy to find and easy to do

April 23, 2022 18:56 GMT+7

According to oriental medicine doctors, lemon roots have a very good cough treatment, can be soaked with honey or rock sugar or steamed directly.

Cough with lemon root

On a forum about mothers and children, a mother said that when she was pregnant, she used to suffer because of a cough but did not dare to take medicine. From the time she was 6 weeks pregnant, she coughed every night, even though the doctor prescribed a cough medicine to tonic and then drank honey and lemon kumquat, it did not help. Then, once when she returned to her hometown, an acquaintance who came to visit saw her coughing so much that she remembered the traditional cough remedy of a healer and helped her.

The remedy is to take a part of lemon root with the tip of a chopstick and about more than 10 cm long. If you do not plant trees, go to the bonsai market to buy only a part of the roots to use. Lemon roots are brought back, washed, chopped, put in a pot or pan a little thick, then simmer for about 15 minutes until slightly golden, then pour it on the ground called earth. Then put it in a small fire 3 times like a traditional Chinese medicine, you can add honey to make it easier to drink and drink for a few days to stop coughing.

Ms. Nguyen Minh Khanh, (Chap My, Hanoi) said that her daughter was 8 months old, after contracting Covid-19 she coughed all the time, coughed phlegm. Khanh took her son to the doctor and took cough medicine, but it didn’t work. After that, Ms. Khanh also went back to use the chopped lemon roots like a piece of licorice with a yellow star.

Each time I take a pinch of lemon root, I give it a little color to add a little rock sugar for my child to drink and see that the baby is better. After 1 week, the baby stopped coughing. Khanh doesn’t know if the baby’s cough is not due to the effect of lemon roots or because of the post-Covid-19 period, but when she saw her child’s cough, she was happy to cry.

Another mother also shared: My daughter coughed, she was given some honey-soaked lemon root juice by her neighbor, she drank it with immediate effects, almost completely gone. But unfortunately, the amount of soaked lemongrass root is still a little bit, so it’s not enough to cure it completely.

Neighbors said that this is the root of a lemon tree (the type of lemon with lumpy skin) soaked with honey, only found in the countryside. I went looking for a few markets and didn’t have this type of lemon root.

The remedy to beat the persistent cough is easy to find and easy to do
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How does lemon root treat cough?

Dr. Pham Viet Hoang – Deputy Director of Tue Tinh Hospital, Hanoi, said that during the Covid-19 epidemic, many people complained of dry coughs and sore throats and had used lemon roots with very good results.

Doctor Hoang said that lemon root for cough is a remedy that has been used in traditional medicine for many years, especially to support whooping cough, dry cough…

In traditional medicine, lemon root is slightly spicy, warm; In addition to the effect of nourishing blood similar to flowers, it also has the effect of curing arrhythmia, shortness of breath, or fatigue.

Oriental medicine doctors often use lemon root to treat dry cough, loss of voice. You can use lemon root peel in combination with strawberry root bark, 12g each (both types of roots remove the outer skin, only take the inner white skin). When drinking can add a little sugar or honey is very good.

In addition, you can prepare a jar of lemon root soaked in rock sugar or honey at home, if your child coughs, you can take it and use it. When you don’t have pre-soaked lemon roots, you can also use fresh sliced ​​lemon roots, yellow stars and decoction of drinking water or steaming with honey.

Not only used to treat cough, lemon root is also used for many other purposes. In folklore, there is a remedy for a handful of lemon roots cooked with 3 slices of ginger, boiled water to drink to detoxify the body.

When using lemon root to treat cough, Dr. Hoang noted, users need to be careful not to completely depend on it, but depending on each person’s location, remedies from lemon root may be effective or not, less or less effective. a lot of.

If you want to use lemon roots to cure diseases, it is best to consult a doctor to get the right amount of use for your health, safe for your health.

If only dry cough, mild cough, use. In case of cough with sputum, thick nose, there has been an inflammation that may be caused by an infection, only using lemon roots does not have much effect.


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