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The wife is too cold and clear

April 23, 2022 18:24 GMT+7

Finally, Hanh’s husband proposed a divorce. The 6-year marriage with a steel woman who is always cold and clear makes him tired…

Hanh told a private story to our group of close friends in a depressed, sad look. The three of us looked at Hanh and then at each other. At this time with Hanh, perhaps she needs rest more than advice.

Hanh is a strong woman. The strength of independence is somewhat “manly”. Having played together since high school, we understand her friendship, she is very self-centered, she is just too independent and when she sees anyone doing anything, she is afraid that she is not as good as herself.

Hanh’s husband is a gentle, quiet person. They come together as a law of compensation. When I was young, it was the strong attraction of two opposite magnets, but when I had two more children in my life, the burden of food and clothes during the epidemic season… everything was really not easy.

Recently, Hanh’s mother-in-law was at home hospitalized surgery. The couple was busy with work, so they could not only arrange time to visit, but could not take care of their mother like a younger brother and his wife. But when her husband said to give her money for hospital fees and money to buy health supplements for her mother, Hanh struggled. She told him that she told her brother-in-law: “When my wife and I live with our mother, the main responsibility must be mine. I only buy functional foods Just make more for my mother.”

Hanh is good at whatever she does, whoever does her is not at ease, not satisfied (Illustration image)
Hanh is good at whatever she does, she’s been “yeast” since she was in school. (Illustration)

Hanh’s husband was extremely angry. He scolded his wife for dominating everything. Even about her husband’s family matters, she decided on her own without asking him for an hour. “If you don’t respect my mother, what am I in your eyes?”, he exasperated. But Hanh did not give up, she also shouted. So it turned into a brawl.

We recommend that you shrug a little. Anyway, this matter Hanh has not handled. Even though her mother-in-law is not with her, she does not have to take care of her and pay her filial piety every day, it is a good idea to pay her hospital bills. But Hanh insisted on this, but according to her husband’s will, later in the country all the big jobs she and her husband had to bear.

Play close to each other, but actually we see that your behavior is not reasonable and reasonable. Your husband needs a respectful sympathy, but Hanh is clear and scary.

His desire is to be shared, but she keeps him out of everything. (Illustration)

The three of us sat alone to discuss how to fix our friend’s marriage. Looking at their two little children felt pity. Every child is wrapped around his father and hid in fear of his mother. If the husband and wife really separated, the children’s smiles would be gone.

A woman, no matter how strong, is still the weak sex and deep inside is the fragility and weakness. What is Hanh trying to do? What to prove to your spouse?

With a person like Hanh, it is not easy for her to immediately shrug, but seeing her husband have moved out, Hanh must know that in married life, being strong and selfish is a weakness. Strong, independent women are not trying to be independent in everything. Take a step back, lighter, maybe you will have a peaceful life…

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