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US warns of retaliation if China establishes military base in Solomon

The US warned that it would respond if China established a military base in the Solomons - Photo 1.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare (far left) during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping (not pictured) in China in 2019 – Photo: REUTERS

The US delegation also expressed concern to Prime Minister Solomon Manasseh Sogavare about the security agreement just signed between Solomon and China, according to the newspaper. South China Morning Post.

National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, Kurt Campbell, led the US delegation to Honiara, Solomon’s capital, after China confirmed it had signed a security agreement with the Solomons in this week.

“The delegation noted that if steps are taken to establish a permanent military presence, power projection capabilities, or de facto military disposition, the United States will express serious concerns and respond,” he said. proportionate,” said the American delegation.

“The United States emphasizes that it will closely monitor developments in consultation with partners in the region,” the US delegation added.

In a statement on April 22, according to Reuters news agency, the delegation said it had outlined specific steps the United States would take to promote the well-being of the people of Solomon, including opening an embassy in the island nation. , strengthen medical cooperation and support.

Washington also pledged to send more COVID-19 vaccines, as well as promote health and climate initiatives.

The US delegation said it and Solomon had “substantial discussions” about the security agreement the island nation signed with China. The US side noted that the above agreement has potential impacts on regional security, including for the US and its partners.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare reassured the US delegation that the security agreement between Solomon and China does not include the establishment of military bases or a long-term military presence.

Earlier, on April 19, China confirmed that it and the Solomons had officially signed a framework agreement on security cooperation. Beijing insists the agreement between the two countries is transparent and does not target any third parties.

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