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Wearing a bikini with a mesh skirt, “the most beautiful billionaire wife in the world” reveals her enchanting body-Beauty

Saturday, April 23, 2022 06:25 AM (GMT+7)

Miranda Kerr still retains her beauty at the age of 39.

Wearing a bikini with a mesh skirt,

Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr (born 1983) is one of the most famous models in the “underwear angels” of the Victoria’s Secret empire. Beautiful and possessing a standard body, she is always in the sights of rich men. Since entering the model village, she has experienced countless noisy love affairs with rich giants. The list of men who passed her life is full of billionaires such as: James Packer, Jho Low, Orlando Bloom… However, after all, she surprised fans when she decided to remarry with the technology billionaire. Young Evan Spiegel in 2016. Since then, this famous beauty “close” to this billionaire has settled down and is happy with her role as a wife and mother.

Wearing a bikini with a mesh skirt,

The new image received compliments from fans.

Currently, at the age of 39 and experienced 3 times as a mother but Miranda Kerr still has not lost her beauty style. The proof is that she still makes her younger billionaire husband enamored and every time she appears, Miranda Kerr still quickly takes the spotlight. Recently, on the occasion of an advertising photo shoot for a cream product, she took advantage of her backstage to show off her figure. The Australian beauty wears a 2-string swimsuit and mixes it with a mesh shirt outside. Not only the beauty and charisma, but the body of the former lingerie angel is also praised.

Wearing a bikini with a mesh skirt,

Married for 6 years, Miranda Kerr still makes her billionaire husband fall in love.

Before the undefeated beauty of Miranda Kerr, many people are still curious about her beauty secrets. Not hiding, the beauty once shared that: “I usually drink 1 cup of warm water mixed with the juice of half a fresh lemon every morning. Warm lemon water will help you cleanse and kickstart your digestive system for the long day ahead. In addition, lemon juice also helps us strengthen the immune system, balance pH, promote healing and regeneration for the body because of its rich vitamin C content.

Wearing a bikini with a mesh skirt,

The undefeated beauty of the former lingerie angel.

To start the day with greatness and relaxation, Miranda Kerr often chooses to take a warm bath. “With the body, you can choose for yourself a moisturizing shower gel to help prevent your skin from drying out during working in an air-conditioned environment. In addition, the scents in essential oils and shower gels also have the effect of calming the nervous system, bringing a sense of relaxation and refreshment to the spirit, helping the skin look more radiant and full of life.”

Wearing a bikini with a mesh skirt,

The beauty is very caring and disciplined in taking care of herself.

Exercise – eat scientifically and mentally, are 3 keywords in the beauty journey of “Australian swan”. She has been faithful to yoga for 15 years now. Every day, beautiful people spend about 20-30 minutes to practice and relax with this subject. “I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years and it’s an important part of my life. Yoga teaches me how to regulate my breathing, regulate my emotions, and lift my spirits. Your body will be supple, increase endurance as well as make your skin more beautiful if you work hard every day.”the beauty of the land of kangaroos said.

Wearing a bikini with a mesh skirt,

Beauty loves natural beauty, fresh.

In addition, despite being a beauty active in showbiz, Miranda Kerr has very limited makeup. She prioritizes naturalness, according to her charisma is an important makeup layer of women. She confided: “To complete my look, I usually use a lip balm for a more natural look. But if you need to stand out and shine, red lipstick is always the best choice because it instantly brightens your skin and attracts all eyes.

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