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Why can’t Doan Du be the number 1 player in “Thien Long Bat Bo”?

In “Thien Long Bat Bo”, writer Kim Dung has built up 3 main characters, including Doan Du. The image of Doan Du is described by the author as a character that thanks to chance has acquired high-powered martial arts. Duan Yu was originally a prince of Dali. He himself did not intend to learn martial arts, but due to forced circumstances, he had to learn the Luc Mach divine sword before burning it to preserve this martial art from falling into Cuu Ma Tri’s hands.

Luc Mach Divine Sword is a martial art created by Doan Tu Binh with Nhat Duong Chi. This is a unique technique, which is transmitted internally, not externally from the country of Dali, and can only be learned by monastic disciples of Thien Long Temple. This martial art is considered to be extremely hegemonic and extremely dangerous.

In terms of moves, the god Luc Mach earned the nickname “the first sword in the world”, which is the highest realm of Nhat Duong only. Writer Kim Dung described, Luc Mai god sword is cultivated based on how to operate the qi running through the meridians and acupuncture points to turn into sword qi, wounding the opponent invisibly.

Internal strength, great skill, but Doan Du could not be the number 1 player because of the

Doan Du studied Nhat Duong Chi and Luc Mai Divine Sword in a forced situation. (Photo: Baidu)

In order to practice the Divine Sword, the practitioner needs to have very high internal gong. Many masters like Kho Vinh Grandmaster and many high monks in Thien Long Tu have not been able to practice the Luc Mach Divine Sword. It can be said that Doan Du is the second person to have learned this special technique.

And also by chance, Doan Du happened to find two sets of superior martial arts secrets, namely Lang Ba Vi Bo and Bac Minh Cannon. Possessing many first-class martial arts, even thanks to the divine canon of Bac Minh, Doan Du also absorbed the internal power of the Infinite Swordsman, Doan Dien Khanh, Hoang My Tang, Diep Nhi Nuong, Nam Hai Ngac Than, Cuu Ma Tri. … so his internal work is certainly not less than 200 years. Thanks to his powerful internal skills, Doan Du was able to display the power of the divine sword Luc Mach. However, despite having such powerful internal skills and techniques, Doan Du still could not become the number 1 master in the world. Why?

Born in the wrong time

Doan Du’s fortune was built with many similarities with the character Truong Vo Ky in the novel “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky”. Both of them accidentally practice superior martial arts, but because Doan Du’s era is different from Truong Vo Ky’s, he can’t be at the top of the martial arts world. Based on the timeline of the work “Thien Long Bat Bo”, we can guess that these are the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty. This is also one of the heyday of martial arts.

Internal strength, great skill, but Doan Du could not be the number 1 player because of the

Despite having profound internal skills, Doan Du could not become the first master in the Thien Long Bat Bo. (Photo: Baidu)

In Doan Du’s era, there were many martial arts masters, such as Vo Danh god monk, Hu Truc, Kieu Phong, Thien Long four absolutes, Tam Lao… its own strength. Of course, in terms of strength, they can all be considered as superior to Doan Du.

Moreover, although Duan Yu’s internal skills are very profound, it was originally because he absorbed other people’s internal energy through the Bac Minh Divine Art technique. Doan Du has no foundation in martial arts, it’s all thanks to his chance to learn such strong martial arts. Therefore, Doan Du’s skill in using the Luc Mach Divine Sword will take a long time to become as proficient as Thai To Doan Tu Binh.

Even if Doan Du had a mentor to successfully practice the Luc Mach Divine Sword, he would still be hard pressed to defeat the Vo Danh god monk (the No. . Therefore, Doan Du could not become the first master of martial arts.

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