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Beautiful little wall shelf for decorative objects

Storage and organization are the most important points in home decoration. Shelving units, cabinets, wardrobes, cushions and other elements are needed. They are not only to provide storage space but also provide high decorative value. Hanging shelves are super light and cool – they can fit into spaces in different styles but the most popular is still vintage.

Minimalism, modernity and neutrality mixed with a bit of classic will make your living space more special. You can hang shelves of raw wood or plywood to give the space a classic charm. Rope is an accent material, they can be large or small depending on the amount of stuff you want to store.


Simple and elegant hanging shelf with geometric design attached to wall loops for a light vintage feel.


Minimalist hanging shelf with two pastel blocks is applied on a small wooden stand.


A cool hanging shelf with thick wood paneling and rope can serve as a template for you to make at home. Dreamy beautiful design makes the space more flexible and attractive.


Wooden hanging shelves can be turned into your own rustic wall garden.


A simple hanging shelf for immediate use is a wooden cutting board, with some macrame strings for a fresh vintage look.


A modern shelf unit with many layers, using neutral wood materials and ropes can place beautiful small bonsai pots like this.


With a larger size, this large rope-held wooden shelf design will help keep your space fresh without taking up much space.


A simple and smart bathroom shelf using luxurious copper-gold rope can be made at home.


The idea is bold and fresh thanks to the leather belt used as a support band that is both solid and suitable.


The entire hanging shelving unit is held in place by black ropes that look very contrasting and will fit well in vintage-style rooms.


Take advantage of the thin wooden planks, you just need to pierce the rope and hang it up to make sure there is a beautiful and beautiful storage space already. 20220415155128213.chn

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