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Beijing is on alert because of the sudden increase in the number of COVID-19 cases

Pan Xinghuao, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that local infections began to appear in the city about a week ago, involving schools, groups of tourists. calendar and family.

She said: “There have been hidden transmissions for a week, and the people infected come from different backgrounds and different activities.” Phan Hinh Hoach added that many new cases are expected to be detected through mass testing.

Of the 15 symptomatic cases reported on April 23 in Beijing, 12 are in Chaoyang District, 2 are in Fangshan, and 1 are in Shunyi.

Beijing is on alert because of the sudden increase in the number of COVID-19 cases - 1

Beijing is on alert because of the number of cases COVID-19 increase suddenly. (Illustration)

According to Beijing Daily, On April 22, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Thai Ky, Mayor Tran Cat Ninh and other city leaders met to work out a plan to control the epidemic.

“The meeting indicated that Beijing suddenly recorded a number of cases and related chains of transmission. There is a high risk of the disease continuing to be transmitted. The situation is very urgent and difficult.” sheet Beijing Daily news.

The city had to act quickly and handle cases on the day of discovery to stop the chain of transmission in the shortest time possible, the newspaper said.

China has faced an increase in the number of cases in various major cities in the past few months, especially in Shanghai. Shanghai residents were restricted from traveling for four weeks to prevent the outbreak from spreading. The blockade caused great economic damage.

On April 23, Shanghai reported 23,370 new cases, bringing the city’s total to about 466,000 since March 1; There were 12 new COVID-19 deaths.

The Shanghai government said that the average age of the patients who died was 88. All had underlying diseases and were unvaccinated. Local officials insist that they will not relax restrictions until all new cases outside the isolation area are resolved.

“The more serious the situation becomes, the more we need to grind our teeth to muster our strength,” he said. Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng said on April 23.

Meanwhile, the southern tech hub Shenzhen imposed a week-long lockdown in mid-March after reporting about 60 cases.

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