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BLV Anh Quan: Chelsea is in danger no less than MU, Tuchel needs a “reform”

(Commentator Anh Quan’s corner) Chelsea had just received a 2-4 defeat against Arsenal at home. The defeat did not affect Chelsea’s position in the table much, but it clearly revealed the problems of “The Blues”.


BLV Anh Quan pointed out the problem of Chelsea After the defeat against Arsenal

Chelsea has almost lost its momentum this season. Perhaps Tuchel’s only goal for the rest of the season will be to beat Liverpool in the FA Cup final. It is easy to understand why Chelsea has been playing poorly in the Premier League recently.

BLV Anh Quan: Chelsea is in danger no less than MU, Tuchel needs a "reform"  - first

BLV Anh Quan confirmed that Chelsea is facing a problem as dangerous as MU

The defeat against Arsenal was Chelsea’s 2nd defeat in the last 3 rounds. Notably, “The Blues” all conceded 4 goals in these 2 defeats. Being beaten at home by Arsenal in the London Derby is really something that Chelsea fans can hardly swallow, even though they know both teams enter this match with very different purposes.

According to BLV Anh Quan, Chelsea’s failure comes from many reasons and the lack of motivation to play is only one part of them. “Certainly Chelsea’s performance against the Gunners last night really showed the poor form of so many in this group. It was Lukaku with his out-of-the-box attack, an Alonso with a loose left wing, combined with Malang Sarr and created a defensive disaster”, BLV Anh Quan shared.

“Looking at Chelsea yesterday, it was fortunate that they had a good gap with the teams below them in the table, because it would be very difficult for them to compete with any of those names. But where is it? Is that the problem that leads to that?”, Vietnam’s top BLV asked a question about Chelsea’s disappointing performance.

“Agreed, the Stamford Bridge team has no shortage of moments when they together create the best match possible, such as the second leg against Real Madrid. But those who watch it. The Blues will realize that when they fall into some crisis, their self-healing ability is very poor and the time for things to stabilize again takes a lot longer than Man City and Liverpool,” Anh Quan analyzed.

With the problems piling up, Chelsea is really as dangerous as it is Manchester United, another big football team is also in crisis. According to BLV Anh Quan, the Stamford Bridge team will need a “makeover”.

“Whoever the new owner is, their goal next season is to continue to create the competition they missed this year with Man City and Liverpool. With that goal, jobs that they need to think about, and Thomas Tuchel himself needs to think about a lot. mistakes in the past 2 years”, BLV Anh Quan concluded.

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According to Viet Thanh – Tuan Hai (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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