Cars in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City start at 40 million VND

  Proposal to auction car plates: Cars in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City start at VND 40 million - Photo 1.

The man picked up the license plate 999.99.

Police is collecting comments on the Draft “Pilot for granting the right to choose to use license plates of automobiles through auction”. In particular, the draft stipulates the starting price of the number plate put up for auction, the case of sale to the only person participating in the auction, the rights and obligations of agencies, organizations and individuals (referred to as persons). won the auction, using the revenue from number plate auction.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the auction of number plates will overcome the shortcomings and inadequacies of the current registration and management of means of transport, ensuring compliance with the provisions of current laws and the current situation. practical model, meeting the legitimate needs and aspirations of the people so that vehicle owners have the right to choose license plates according to their preferences.

Specifically, the number plate put up for auction is a car license plate with a white background, black letters and numbers in the inventory of unregistered number plates that the registration agency is expected to issue every month, quarter, 6 months or 1 year. five. Organizations, businesses and individuals wishing to auction can choose any number plate in the auction number warehouse to participate in the auction.

No auction will be made for license plates issued for vehicles purchased from the State budget, vehicles of the Army used for national defense purposes, vehicles of military enterprises engaged in economic activities, or vehicles of foreign business organizations. , diplomatic missions, representative offices of international organizations and foreigners working in such agencies and organizations operating in the Vietnamese territory.

Organizations, enterprises and individuals may participate in the auction of number plates in the locality where they are headquartered, for organizations, enterprises, or where they have registered their permanent residence, for individuals.

Police of provinces and centrally run cities organize auction of number plates according to vehicle management registration decentralization. The Ministry of Public Security assigns the provincial-level Public Security to sign a contract to hire an asset auction organization that has an online auction website to organize the auction.

The starting price of car license plates put up for auction in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is equal to 2 times the highest applicable registration fee, the remaining localities are equal to 10 times the highest registration fee currently applied. use.

Specifically, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the starting price for passenger cars under 9 seats is 40 million VND, other localities start at 10 million VND; Pick-up trucks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City start at 1 million VND…

The auction winner will be able to sign a contract with the auction organization to establish the right to the winning number plate and to use the winning number plate. When transferring a car, the auction winner is entitled to keep the number plate to register for another vehicle under his/her ownership. If the address of permanent residence is changed to another province or city directly under the central government, the auction winner does not have to return the winning number plate.

Auction winning number plates are only issued to those who have registered to participate in the auction and won the auction.

In addition, the auction winning number plate is managed by the Registrar and is only issued when the auction winner completes the registration procedures according to the regulations on vehicle registration (when the registration procedure has not been completed, the auction winner will only be granted the registration certificate). Certificate of right to use number plate winning the auction).

The vehicle registration authority has the right to revoke the auction winning number plate when the number plate is used in contravention of the law, such as the vehicle with the winning number plate at the auction in violation of the law, which is confiscated according to regulations.

The proceeds from the number plate auction, after deducting the costs of organizing the auction as prescribed, will divide the revenue at the rate of 70% to be paid to the central budget, 30% to the local budget. .

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