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Discovered a completely new type of cosmic monster, born from 2 “zombie”-Information Technology

Sunday, April 24, 2022 15:20 PM (GMT+7)

German and Argentine scientists have identified a strange, powerful new type of star covered in helium-burnt ash. More terrifying, this type of cosmic monster is born from 2 corpses.

According to SciTech Daily, the research team from the University of Tübingen and the University of Potsdam (Germany) used spectra collected by the Large Binocular Telescope (located in Arizona – USA) and the LAMOST Telescope (located in Sichuan, USA). China) and identified cosmic monsters completely different from anything ever observed. Those are the stars wrapped in burning ashes.

Discovered a completely new type of cosmic monster, born from 2 "zombie"  - first

Two white dwarfs collide – Photo: Nicole Reindl

While ordinary stars have surfaces made of hydrogen and helium, these monstrous stars have a surface of carbon and oxygen, which is a form of ash produced by the combustion of helium.

The object is even more confusing as the temperature and radius indicate that they are still burning helium in the core. The hypothesis that they are dying stars, having burned through the helium in their cores and preparing to become white dwarfs, has been rejected.

The study was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and in the same journal, a second paper provides the answer.

That is research from La Plata University (Argentina) and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (Germany). “We believe that the stars detected by our German colleagues may have formed during a very rare merger of white dwarfs,” explains lead author Miller Bertolami.

A white dwarf is the remains of a star that has exhausted its energy and collapsed. It can be considered a corpse, but not necessarily dead, but acting as zombies (undead, zombies) in the universe, sometimes still being detected interacting with other objects.

The strange, hard-to-name form of ash-covered star is born when two giant dwarfs accidentally collide – an event that is sure to be catastrophic and the resulting object must have been “monster” in stature.

However, scientists say they still need to create more sophisticated models, find more data to be able to clearly identify and understand how these cosmic monsters came to be and the role of these cosmic monsters. them in space.

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