“I’m really worried about the kids”

During the last Spring of 2022, T1 is the first team in the entire village League of Legends went undefeated throughout the season. Not only that, Faker and his teammates also broke countless records, from individual to collective, and then deservedly ascended the throne after defeating Gen.G Esports in the final. It can be said that, entering the upcoming MSI 2022, T1 is the most appreciated team that will win the championship trophy in the first international tournament of this 2022 season.

T1 maintained an undefeated record throughout the Spring of 2022, the Wolf legend shared: I am really worried about the kids - Photo 1.

T1 – The undefeated team of the current LoL village

But, T1’s undefeated achievement brings a sense of joy to the team’s fans, but also leaves many thoughts for those who are really knowledgeable about League of Legends. Recently, it’s my turn Wolf – T1’s legendary support, who with Faker and his SKT T1 teammates made an undefeated record in the 2015 LCK Summer, also spoke up. As a player who has experienced the same feelings as his juniors now, Wolf of course understands the downsides of this impressive string of achievements.

Specifically, on his stream recently, the former LCK legend said: “I hope the team can still keep this positive atmosphere. Now that the team is unbeaten so I’m a bit worried. We were like that back then and we were wanted by a lot of people. We went on the pitch with The audience’s mindset is that we’re going to win, and that’s a lot of pressure.”

Wolf shared about T1’s “terrible” achievement on stream

According to Wolf, it would be great if this achievement was maintained forever. But that is not possible and there will be a time when the currently unbeaten T1 is defeated. “There’s a saying that goes ‘Out of 100 positive comments, 1 negative will stay in your mind the longest.’ I just hope that no matter how well they do or not, someone else will. The fans should give them positives too. And I hope the kids won’t be under too much pressure.” – Wolf shared on the stream channel.

Indeed, T1 is currently a team that the whole LCK has high expectations for. Not only MSI but beyond Worlds and especially, Asiad 2022 when there are many opinions that T1 players will be selected for the Korean team. Expectations are reasonable but there will also be heavy pressure on young stars’ shoulders in every tournament they attend.

T1 maintained an unbeaten record throughout the Spring of 2022, the legend Wolf shared: I am really worried about the kids - Photo 3.

T1 will always be expected a lot in every tournament they attend, that is obvious and also pressure.

But T1 is still doing well and moreover, they have a leader both professionally and mentally, Faker. And if Faker is still here, even if T1 fails, he will also know how to help his juniors overcome the psychological pressures to come back soon, like Faker himself has often experienced ups and downs like so in his glorious career. lo-cho-bon-tre-20220424113430904.chn

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