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Lack of life skills despite being 23 years old

There will be an internship coming up, but now I have lost confidence in myself and don’t know how to deal with this situation.

I am 23 years old, a final year student at a university in Hanoi. He’s quite young, but he can’t be as carefree as when he was in high school or just entered college. Everyone at this age is working, economically independent, no longer dependent on the family. People often consider stepping out of the university gate as a milestone to mark independence and maturity. I am different.

My family is not well off, sometimes it is difficult, but my mother is very pampering me, I hardly have to do anything. I became a lazy person, lacking life skills. I don’t blame my mother because I know she only wants the best for me. Lacking life skills plus being quite shy, during university, I could only play with a few friends, only at a social level, not close. Many times when I go out with class, I try to communicate with my friends, but almost no one notices me. When working in a group, when I contribute ideas, no one really cares. I have tried going to meet many people, when I first met them they were very welcoming, happy to talk to. After a while hardly anyone wanted to talk to me anymore.

>> I am afraid to communicate even with family members

I know it’s not other people’s fault, but my own, but I don’t understand why. Later on, I have less and less contact with other people, and many people judge me as contemplative. I also rarely work part-time, only when it is difficult to find a job, most of them are manual jobs, so my skills have not been improved. I’m clumsy and slow, so people scold me a lot, that’s also the reason why I rarely work part-time. I also don’t want to make people uncomfortable because of me. Hope you give me advice.


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