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Level 4 house with impressive design with 3 bedrooms and ‘paradise’ garden

The architecture of the 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house is now interested and selected by many investors due to the combination of many styles, new design trends, integration from many different areas and designs.

Although not as massive as the apartments Villa other high-rise buildings, but the 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house offers a lot of conveniences from cost to living space.

nha cap 4 3 phong ngu co thiet ke sang trong dang cap va san vuon rong rai 5799266309b24e15859fcdf30635f0dc
Level 4 3 bedroom house with luxurious and classy design and spacious garden.

Level 4 houses are diverse in design and style, for example: Level 4 houses with 3 bedrooms with Thai roofs, Level 4 houses with 3 bedrooms with flat roofs, Level 4 houses with 3 modern bedrooms, Level 4 houses with 3 rooms neoclassical bedroom, level 4 house, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room,…

The next advantage when building a cheap 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house in the countryside will help you save a large amount of money but the construction progress is fast.

With 3 bedrooms to meet the needs of families from 2 to 3 generations. This type of 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house is suitable for economic conditions and living standards in the countryside, but the work still ensures aesthetics and functionality.

Some unique 3-bedroom house models:

Level 4 house with Thai roof 3 bedrooms L-shaped

mau nha cap 4 chu l co san vuon tieu canh dep nhu vuon dia dang b3371a67884240a4ab15045daf1f659e
The model of a 4-level L house has a garden and beautiful landscape like a paradise garden.

The front yard system is designed to be airy and spacious with the choice of gray and white tiles. The architectural shape is balanced with the solid front porch, the base of the wall and the foot of the pillar are covered with gray stone to create an impressive and new decorative highlight for the building.

Sustainable cubes, A-shaped roof architecture, moderate slope design, and a system of green urinals in front of the house, high-level stairs paved with natural stone, creating a green landscape and modern beauty of architecture. Adding the red wooden door system, combining tempered glass and bright exterior colors helps the work to clearly reveal the sophistication and harmony in the overall.

Level 4 house 3 bedrooms 1 worship room

nha cap 4 thiet ke an tuong voi 3 phong ngu va khu vuon dia dang 7f7f16c04cb64ac9b8e60153d9dec680

The facade architecture of the 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house is handled delicately, focusing on catching the light with wall-mounted lights, multi-leaf glass windows, the footing is covered with natural stone, along with the wall panels. Eye-catching concave lines, the small landscape of the garden in front of the house is also designed with investment, helping the architectural facade to create color effects and a balanced and harmonious division layout for the entire 4-level house space. .

In addition to the architecture, the garden design is also paid attention to by the owner, the yard is paved with gray tiles, combining a large space, surrounded by a bonsai system, and creating closeness to the garden. nature, while helping to enhance the perfect aesthetic beauty.

The design connects with the living room space, which is the kitchen area, dining table and kitchen island, creating a connection between the functional rooms, making the space more open and spacious.

The owner arranges 2 bedrooms next to the living room and 1 bedroom right at the dining table, the church room is located next to it, facing the front space, ensuring that the space is always well-ventilated, receiving natural light. effectively. The shared bathroom is located at the end of the house, convenient for the family’s common needs.

4-level house with Thai roof 3 beautiful bedrooms

nha cap 4 thiet ke an tuong voi 3 phong ngu va khu vuon dia dang 0381c12006644c95b52b5940a9c4857b

The design of a 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house with Thai roofs is tall and solid. The façade is designed with a system of square pillars covered with gray and white stone, which both has a bearing effect and creates an aesthetic effect for the building.

The entire steps and front porch are covered with natural stone, combined with the exterior white color, the brown color of the outdoor wood, highlighting the entire front facade, making it more attractive.

The living room is designed close to the door system, making the space closer to the garden landscape. Opposite the living room is the worship room and the master bedroom, with a self-contained toilet.

Connected to the living room is the dining area and kitchen island and kitchen, designed towards the garden with transparent glass doors, not only effectively avoiding the smell of food but also getting good natural light. At the end of the house are 2 bedrooms for children and a common toilet area.

Modern 3 bedroom level 4 house

Simple house design with square walls, small pillars in front of the facade. However, the 4-level house with Thai roof has many extremely strong attractions.

The façade uses yellow tones as the main color, the design of three steps is long and wide, convenient for moving, adding 2 eye-catching flower pots and a green plant in front of the house, creating intimacy and sophistication for the house. The architecture is more attractive and unique.

nha cap 4 thiet ke an tuong voi 3 phong ngu va khu vuon dia dang b3483c35a33e4607afc7eb53b9468fbd

The floor plan of the 3-bedroom house is designed from the main hall to the living room, opposite and next to the living room are 3 bedrooms, with synchronous sizes, ensuring comfortable living needs. .

The kitchen and dining area, and the shared toilet are located inside, with exits to the porch and backyard. The backyard area is designed by the architect with a common toilet, convenient for the needs of outside use for family members. Garage and warehouse are arranged in the corner of the garden.

Level 4 house with 3 bedrooms mezzanine

nha cap 4 thiet ke an tuong voi 3 phong ngu va khu vuon dia dang 2919bb72827a4c7a9760b15e56eca850

The Thai roof architecture is designed with a leveling, asymmetrical design, and the wide racing block has created a solid and solid foundation for a modern 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house.

The facade space of the beautiful house is more modern, more luxurious when using a red-brown wooden door system, combined with tempered glass, which can not only soundproof, heatproof and anti-oxidize by weather. but it also brings a close beauty to the project.

Stepping in from the main hall is a large and simple living room space, adjacent to a small garden landscape area and a kitchen area, and a dining table. Opposite the living room is a garage area, an attic staircase, convenient for moving.

From the living room to the inside, there is a 3-bedroom space, 1 master bedroom, with a self-contained toilet, separated from the kitchen by a green landscape, the remaining 2 bedrooms for the children, designed Opposite, there is also a self-contained restroom, meeting the needs of private use for each family member.

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