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Male students built hundreds of ‘super planes’ with a speed of more than 180km/h

Hoang Hieu is a 2nd year student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Thuy Loi University. Up to now, Hieu has made hundreds of aircraft based on prototypes of Boeing 787, 777 or fighter aircraft such as Su 37, Su 27, F22.

Hieu’s planes are made from foam and glued with glossy decals on the outside. According to Hieu, they can reach a maximum speed of 182km/h and jet planes have an average speed of 100-120km/h.

According to Hieu, players make their own models for only about 2 million dong, or buy a finished plane for about 5 million dong. However, Hieu advises players to build a complete plane by themselves to feel the excitement of this subject.

Share with VietNamNetHieu said that his passion came from the 8th grade when he accidentally saw a video about aircraft manufacturing online. “It was not until the 8th grade that I could use a smartphone. At that time, I went on Facebook and saw the association playing airplanes and was very interested, wanted to make my own.” Hieu shared.

At that time, Hieu was “addicted” to the game and his parents were very worried about his study results.Hieu said that his parents agreed to let him buy a remote control kit for him to do on his own, but with the condition that he had to Since then, Hieu gave up playing games, focused on studying and tinkering with drawing and designing airplanes on paper.At the end of the year, Hoang Hieu achieved good students and began to “play” with his airplane from here. .

“When I took the 10th grade exam, I mentally calculated about 8.5 points in Math and told my parents to open the door for me to ‘fly’”Hieu happily recalled.

Only 20 years old, Hieu has many years of experience in the field of flat-wing aircraft and has a lot of drawings for himself as well as sharing with players with the same passion. In addition, the guy born in 2002 also set up a social network channel to share DIY experiences for new people. Hieu’s interactive channels attract a large number of netizens, TikTok channel Airplanes currently has more than 100 thousand followers and more than 1.2 million likes.

Because this subject is quite unfamiliar to many people, Hieu had to self-study, tinker and practice drawing designs online. Hieu learned how to reduce the plane to the correct proportions, draw on A0 paper and use Adobe software to “map” on the machine. In order to produce unique and strange planes, Hieu learned a lot about graphics and geometry and failed many times. The boy had to beat the whole thing over and over many times.

“Initially, I made 20 F22 models but couldn’t take off. People can fly if they can do it, but you shouldn’t be so upset.” Hieu said.

Only then did Hieu realize that the problem was in the haste in finishing steps, making the aircraft unstable and unbalanced. Hieu believes that the arrangement of the electric motor, the details and the distribution of gravity is the key factor, just a little imbalance and the product will not be able to fly.

“The plane will not be able to take off if the head or tail is too heavy. The wings are not good, the lift will be poor. The two sides of the plane will be unbalanced and will wobble.” Hieu analysis.

In addition, learning to control the aircraft is also very important and Hieu also took a lot of time to “master the sky”.

Another concern of Hieu when building tractors (propellers at the front of the plane) and making jet engines on civilian aircraft. “These two things are quite difficult and take a lot of my time,” Hieu said.

Studying at school is still a top priority, so Hieu’s plans to make a wing plane equal to the “huge” size are slowing down.

“This year, I plan to launch a large Boeing 747 to celebrate what I have been through. But it will also take a lot of effort and time from you.” Hieu shared.

In the future, Hieu has a dream to work in aeronautical engineering. Hieu shared that instead of foam planes, Hieu wanted to make real airplanes powered by gasoline engines.

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