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Many new books ‘heal’ the human soul after Covid-19

On the evening of April 22, Kim Dong Publishing House held an introduction session book Letters to the youth and exchange with young authors Sky team. This is a book that gives hope and inspiration to young people who are students. With a fresh and profound perspective, experienced young people share their concerns and help readers answer big and small questions satisfactorily and witty with empathy.

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Group of young authors in the book exchange “Letters to Youth”.

“This book will explain to you many things like: The simplest thing to overcome fear, there is no other way is to run through it. Forgive others, because you deserve peace. Open your heart before someone else opens their heart. Those who have just gone through these five months will understand your problem,” the authors shared about the book’s message.

Before that, the Publishing House also had an introduction to the book series “Overcoming psychological obstacles” consisting of two works I in me and Turn loneliness into strength. The book series is about communication-obsessed teenagers and the lessons and motivations for self-reflection and finding positivity from each other.

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Kim Dong Publishing House’s booth at Ho Chi Minh City Book Street.

According to the Publishing House, modern life with pressures, each person needs to be conscious of preserving and protecting mental health, besides physical. Therefore, they also focus on books that help readers become aware of psychological issues, share emotions through stories in books such as: Rope, Black dog, Lonely tangled hair

In addition to the above works, a number of titles with diverse topics are also promoted such as: Nam Hai is a crippled human being (Phan Ke Binh), Legend of Man Luc (Nguyen Du), Basic is basic, Become a modern art explorer,… Reading promotion programs are also organized on this occasion, helping readers have more opportunities to have access to their favorite books.

Kim Dong is one of the senior publishing houses and has a large readership, especially young audiences. Seize trends and development opportunities through Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day For the first time, they have many active activities to promote reading culture, spread and honor the love of reading in the community.

Sharing with VietNamNet, Ms. Thien Huong, in charge of communication of Kim Dong Publishing House, said that Covid-19 had a heavy impact on many industries, especially the field of books. Therefore, it is very appropriate for Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day to be held at this time, contributing to promoting and stimulating activities in the publishing industry.

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The event “Lighting the fire of knowledge” of the National Online Book Fair 2022 was positively responded by Kim Dong Publishing House.

In addition, Kim Dong Publishing House promotes on e-commerce sites to bring books to a wide range of readers in all regions of the country as the message “Lighting the fire of knowledge” of the National Online Book Fair. country 2022.

“In line with the trend of digital transformation, we have a dual goal to not lag behind the market. In addition to maintaining and promoting traditional books, we have our own channels to promote and sell books online. We hold many parallel events at both ends of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi because these are the two central areas of the national publishing industry,” shared Ms. Thien Huong.

Along with the launch of many new titles, Kim Dong Publishing House also organizes a series of events to exchange with readers with interesting topics. In addition, the promotion program to celebrate the first Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day in both direct and online purchase forms is applied with a discount of 15-50%. With 2 booths at Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street and Nguyen Van Binh Book Street, the Publishing House continues to play the role of a key unit with the number of tens of thousands of books and diverse genres.

Tuan Chieu

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Many new works are released on the occasion of Vietnam Book Day and Reading CultureNew works with a variety of topics were introduced by Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House within the framework of the 1st Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day activities.
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