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“Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” caused “shock” because of weight loss, winning the challenge at Miss Universe Vietnam 2022

“Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” won the challenge at Miss Universe Vietnam

Recently, episode 2 of the show “I am Miss Universe Vietnam” was broadcast to attract the attention of a large number of beauty fans. In this episode, in addition to the two judges, runner-up, supermodel Vo Hoang Yen and Miss H’Hen Nie, there were also two other judges present. Coach: runner-up Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 Mau Thuy and runner-up Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 Kim Duyen. Both coaches will have their share to convince the contestants about their teams.

In it, “Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” Huynh Pham Thuy Tien received “good news” at Miss Universe Vietnam 2022. Specifically, she was named the first contestant to win the challenge at “I am Miss Universe Vietnam”. With the highest score, Thuy Tien is the first contestant who has the right to choose the team.

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“Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” caused “shock” because of her weight loss, winning the challenge at Miss Universe Vietnam 2022. (Photo: FBNV)

Share with Vietnamese people, The beauty from Dong Thap said: “During 3 years of high school, I always hid in class, even at break time I didn’t dare go out to play. Because I was afraid and worried that, just step out. At the door of class I will hear many disparaging comments about her oversized body of 90kg wearing a school girl’s ao dai. This greatly affects the psychology of a school-age girl like me.It makes me self-deprecating, self-doubt and blame.

It took me a year and a half to lose 32kg. Going through such a period of weight loss, there was a time when I had an eating disorder that led to excessive weight loss.”

Participating in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest, “Miss Foreign Trade 90kg”, Huynh Pham Thuy Tien attracted attention with three sexy measurements of 89-65-98 cm, height 1.72 m, respectively. and weighs 57kg.

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“Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” with a weight loss journey, overcome self-doubt and criticisms about her oversized appearance to confidently participate in beauty contests. (Photo: FBNV)

With the performance of “Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” Pham Huynh Thuy Tien, the two coaches Kim Duyen and Mau Thuy both wanted her to return to their team. While runner-up Kim Duyen hopes to “help Thuy Tien from level 8 to level 10”, runner-up Mau Thuy said that she is ready to “do everything” for “Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” to equip skills for upcoming journey. Not only that, coach Mau Thuy promises to be able to “hire a team, invite people to take international competitions” to improve her skills if Thuy Tien is crowned Miss Universe Vietnam and competes at Miss Universe 2022. .

Before the fierce competition between the two coaches, “Miss Foreign Trade weighing 90kg” decided to join the coach Kim Duyen team because she noticed the similarity in her opinion about the change in appearance.

Who is “Miss Foreign Trade 90kg” at Miss Universe Vietnam 2022?

Huynh Pham Thuy Tien (born in 1998) majored in Foreign Economic Relations at Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. She is a familiar face to the fan community who follow beauty contests when she won the title of Miss Charming Foreign Trade 2018 (FTU Charm 2018) and entered the top 10 finalists of Miss Vietnam 2018.

Talk with Vietnamese people, The beauty born in 1998 openly talks about her “makeover” journey to overcome her inferiority complex and criticisms about her oversized appearance. “Up to now, I want to try my hand at a big contest, Miss Universe Vietnam as a milestone marking my maturity. Hopefully when participating in this contest, I will spread the word. many good values ​​come to the community”, the beauty of Dong Thap shared.

In addition, “Miss Foreign Trade weighs 90kg” revealed to Vietnamese people: “My way to lose weight is to eat scientifically, enough quality, enough energy and exercise regularly. In the process of eating, when I feel 80% full, I stop, I drink a lot of water. And how This will give results, albeit slowly but surely, better results for health.”

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