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Musk likens billionaire Bill Gates to “pregnant man”

Tesla CEO (CEO) Elon Musk and billionaire Bill Gates continue to be entangled in a new controversy, after many incidents in the past.

Most recently, the world’s richest billionaire accused the Microsoft tycoon of “short selling Tesla shares” for half a billion dollars.

This allegation was made when billionaire Bill Gates intended to mock Elon Musk with a message that appeared publicly on social networks: “Sorry for saying that I haven’t stopped giving up Tesla’s half-billion dollar short position. “, and told the SpaceX founder to “put aside that fact and discuss the possibilities of joint philanthropy with him”.

In response, not only refused to participate in “green” charity activities with billionaire Bill Gates, but the Tesla CEO also likened the Microsoft boss to a “pregnant man”.

Musk likens billionaire Bill Gates to a

On social networks, billionaire Musk mocked and called billionaire Bill Gates a “pregnant man”. Photo: Twitter/Elon Musk

“Sorry, I can’t take your charity work on climate change seriously when you take a stand against Tesla, the company that is doing its best to tackle climate change.” SpaceX founder flatly refused Bill Gates’ invitation.

Along with those words, Mr. Elon Musk also put next to billionaire Bill Gates a picture of “pregnant man” with the caption “in case you need to lose weight fast”.

And yet, billionaire Musk continues to mock that the “Banned Content Review Board” is reviewing the tweet of “pregnant man Gates”.

When asked to confirm the above words, billionaire Elon Musk admitted it was true but emphasized on Twitter that he did not know how it was leaked to the newspaper. New York Times.

However, Musk said that Gates’ short position in Tesla stock was “not exactly top secret” and that he heard from people at a TED conference earlier in April that the Microsoft mogul “is still half a billion dollars short to fight back.” back to Tesla”.

Last week, Musk made an offer to buy Twitter for $43 billion after owning a 9.1% stake in the social network. Twitter is blocking the acquisition as it deploys a “poison” tactic that allows other shareholders to obtain a larger stake, at a higher discount, if any shareholder owns more than 15% of the stock. part.

Billionaire Musk is said to be looking to circumvent that and has threatened to “dissolve Twitter’s board” for allegedly acting against shareholders’ interests if the deal is ultimately approved.

Musk likens billionaire Bill Gates to a

Billionaire Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter for $43 billion. Photo: Fox

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