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Nissan stops selling cars under sub-brands

IndiaThe Japanese automaker announced that it will stop producing Datsun, which is also the second time this brand has stopped operating in the South Asian country.

The Chennai plant in India is Datsun’s last remaining production facility after the closures of factories in Russia and Indonesia in 2020.

Datsun’s demise was predetermined due to low sales. Reports published in 2019 showed that Datsun had difficulty restructuring Nissan, following the Carlos Ghosn scandal.

Small Datsun model in India.  Photo: Datsun

Small Datsun model in India. Image: Datsun

With the brand discontinued, Nissan remains committed to Datsun vehicle owners to continue to provide after-sales services, parts replacement and warranty support through its own dealer network in India. The official website in India is still active, continuing to sell existing models.

Datsun was born in 1931 and belongs to the Japanese car company DAT Motorcar and was bought by Nissan in 1933. Since then, the first name Datson has been changed to Datsun. The success of this brand is thanks to the powerful engine, the car has a sporty design. Since 2013, Datsun has specialized in manufacturing low-cost car models for markets such as India, Russia, Indonesia and South Africa.

Datsun’s first new model was the Go introduced in 2013, followed by the seven-seat Go+ in 2014. Both are based on the Nissan Micra platform.

Datsun vehicles are less competitive due to the quality of their interiors and equipment, and often have low safety test ratings. In 2016, Datssun launched the Redi-Go model on the same platform as the Renault Kwid.

In Russia, Datsun sold two models of On-Do sedan and Mi-Do hatchback in 2014, based on Lada Granta and Lada Kalina. In 2018, Datsun launched another crossover variant of Go+ for the Indonesian market. However, in both of these markets Datsun was unsuccessful and stopped in 2020.

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