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On voting day for the President, French voters choose Macron or Le Pen?

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According to Reuters news agency, opinion polls in recent days have given Mr Macron a solid lead and rose slightly as analysts say Ms Le Pen, despite her efforts to soften the image of Mr. himself and reduced some of the policies of the National Rally party, but was still unpopular.

However, it is not possible to completely rule out the possibility that Ms. Le Pen will win by surprise, as there is still a large number of undecided voters and it is uncertain who to vote for in the presidential election.

Polls show that no candidate believes he has enough committed supporters to vote for him. If Ms. Le Pen wins, a political earthquake could occur, like the British vote to leave the European Union (EU) or the presidential vote in the US, helping Mr. Trump to win the election. 2016.

Polling stations open at 8am and close at 8pm. Forecast results will be announced when voting ends.

“Everybody has a huge weakness,” said Bernard Sannanes, an Elabe pollster. “Emmanuel Macron is seen by more than one in two voters as arrogant and Le Pen is also viewed by many as intimidating.”

Incumbent President Macron, 44, has warned of a civil war if Le Pen is elected, calling on all democracy advocates to help him fight the far right.

Le Pen, 53, focused her campaign on the rising cost of living in the world’s seventh-largest economy. This is what many French say has been made worse by soaring global fuel prices. The presidential candidate also disagreed with the incumbent President’s leadership style, which she said showed the elites’ contempt for ordinary people.

“The question to be answered on Sunday is simple: Macron or France,” Le Pen said at a rally in the southern French city of Arras this week. This message resonated with voters.

“She’s close to the people. Le Pen can give people purchasing power, make people laugh and give them oxygen,” said housekeeper Erika Herbin, 43.

If President Macron is re-elected for a second term, he will face many difficulties, not the lenient period he used to have after his first victory. In the event of a win, Ms Le Pen would bring about radical changes to domestic and international policy and protests could erupt immediately. The shockwaves will reverberate across Europe and beyond.

Regardless of who wins, however, the first big challenge will be to win the National Assembly elections in June to get a viable majority to carry out their programs.

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