“Riot doesn’t listen to us”

Recently, the community League of Legends there was a stir when skin Worlds of EDward Gaming, after many days of waiting, has been revealed. Accordingly, this skin line is a combination of medieval and modern times. Costumes are in the style of European aristocrats but also have bold designs with Chinese identity – the country of the champion EDG. In particular, this group of skins received very positive feedback from the League of Legends community.

FPX's World Championship skin was mocked like Superman Dien Quang, Doinb complained: Riot didn't listen to us - Photo 1.

EDG’s Worlds skin is making the LoL community, especially in the LPL, extremely excited because it’s so beautiful

And while the League of Legends community, especially LPL fans, are extremely ecstatic at this newly released skin line, many viewers have also “turned over” the LPL’s past Worlds skins. Because, up to now, Chinese League of Legends has only had 3 crowns at the highest level international tournament of the LoL village. And among these 3 Worlds skins, the name that is “cheated” the most, is none other than the Worlds skin of FunPlus Phoenix 2019. Even some Chinese netizens joked that Invictus Gaming’s skin was like a female. god, EDG’s skin is like a male god, and FPX’s skin is like… Dien Quang Superman.

FPX's World Championship skin was mocked again like Superman Dien Quang, Doinb complained: Riot didn't listen to us - Photo 2.

FPX’s Worlds skin is “coffeeed” because it looks like Dien Quang Superman

Before this new wave of “cà khà”, Doinb – the owner of the skin is considered the “most failed” among the FPX skins that year – FPX.Malphite, has to speak again. He said on the stream channel: “You have to know, the year our skins were designed was 2020. At that time there was an outbreak of disease. Many people at Riot designers told us that they worked from home. And more Also, our comments are not being heard. Partly because those comments can’t be edited by just working from home. They also don’t have a lot of meetings to discuss these skins.”

Doinb talks about FPX Worlds skin making process

This explanation of Doinb also sounds quite reasonable and shows his own regret. But there is also some consolation for Doinb and the FPX team. It is their 2019 skin that also achieved about 50% of the sales compared to skin IG. This number is actually not small. Because, IG is the first team of the LPL to win Worlds, and the design is quite beautiful, so it is very well received by Chinese fans. Doinb also said that FPX skin is very popular in Europe – America regions and most Malphite players here use his skin.

FPX's World Championship skin was mocked like Superman Dien Quang, Doinb complained: Riot didn't listen to us - Photo 4.

FPX Worlds skin is always considered one of the ugliest Worlds skins

But anyway, the FPX skin story is a thing of the past. And Doinb himself many times regretted his “slightly wrong” choice in the past. Only thing, to correct the mistake, he only had to try to win Worlds again. But that is really a bit difficult for Doinb now, when he is also old and is gradually stepping on the other side of the slope of his career. me-202204241709258.chn

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