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Russia announced casualties on the flagship Moscow

RT radio quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as confirming that the Moscow flagship was “seriously damaged by an exploding shell” on April 13. In addition, one soldier was killed and 27 other crew members were missing. The people on board tried to put out the fire but failed.

“The remaining 396 crew members were evacuated to Black Sea Fleet ships in the region and brought to Sevastopol. Most of the servicemen and sailors serving on the flagship Moskva expressed their desire to join the ships of the Russian Navy. Black Sea Fleet. Some soldiers who want to transfer to other garrisons will continue to serve on ships of the Russian fleets,” the Russian Defense Ministry added.

According to the ministry, they are supporting and helping the relatives and friends of those killed and missing on the Moscow flagship.

Russia announced casualties on the flagship Moscow - Photo 1.

The flagship Moscow caught fire on April 13. Photo: Twitter

The Russian military previously announced that the flagship Moskva “sunk while being towed to port in the context of adverse external conditions”. The Russian Defense Ministry said that “the hull was damaged by an explosion of a shell that was caused by a fire on board”.

However, the Ukrainian side said that the flagship Moscow “was hit by a Kiev anti-ship missile”. The head of the Odessa regional military administration, Maxim Marchenko, claimed that “very serious damage” to the flagship Moscow was caused by “Ukrainian Neptune missiles fired from Odessa”. A senior Pentagon official said it was hit by two Ukrainian missiles before sinking in the Black Sea. The flagship Moscow can carry up to 680 people.

Russia announced casualties on the flagship Moscow - Photo 2.

Mr. Danilov gave an interview to the AP on April 22. Photo: AP

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov on April 22 announced that the main battles in Ukraine are taking place in the Donbas region and that Russia is deploying more troops every day.

Mr. Danilov told AP that more than 100,000 troops are fighting for Russia in Ukraine. “We are in a difficult situation, but our troops are defending the country. The regions of Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv are becoming hot spots.

Other battles also took place in southern Ukraine with less intensity. About 12-14 elite Russian military units have left the strategic port city of Mariupol for eastern Ukraine,” he said.

The official added that Ukraine could deliver weapons to Azovstal, Kiev’s last stronghold in Mariupol, by helicopter at night. Mr. Danilov also called on Western countries to speed up the delivery of weapons to Ukraine and said that 2.5-3 million people could be mobilized to fight if the fighting continued.

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