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Sleeping under a mosquito net waiting for the application to be made in front of the land office in Cam Lam

People get up from 1-2 am to come in front of the land office of Cam Lam district (Khanh Hoa) to line up and get the order number, while the government lacks human resources, it is still impossible to work the whole weekend.

This whole month, in front of the branch of the Land Management Office and the one-stop-shop section of the People’s Committee of Cam Lam district, there are always dozens of people staying up all night to queue up, get the serial number to make land-related documents. Many people bring hammocks, blankets and tarpaulins to “make room” for the numbering session at 7am.

Going to do the application at 0:00

At 2:00 am, Mr. Ta Hong Son – residing in Cam Hiep Bac, Cam Lam district – brought a canvas to the front gate of the branch of the Cam Lam District Land Office. In Mr. Son’s hand is a set of documents to separate the parcel.

“I came early and some people were even earlier. Go early to open the door so that you have priority to get the order number first. Arrived a little late, come back tomorrow, there are too many people going to do land records, “said Mr. Son.

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Many people almost stay up all night to “clean up space” in time to pick up the order number to make land records. Photo: Xuan Hoat.

According to Mr. Son, the day before he left at 6:30 am, but when he arrived, his order number ran out, so he had to return. “When I went to work, I realized how miserable I was because I had to jostle for the order number. Many people from far away had to wait a long time for their turn. I have the advantage of being close, so it’s less difficult, I just lose sleep,” added Mr. Son.

Similarly, Mr. Vo Quang Hoa – a resident of Cam Lam – who has made 2 ‘missing’ records should have experience.

“At 0:00, I arrived at the gate of the branch office of the land office. I need to convert land to residential, at first I counted on the service, but I was free for the mango crop, so I took advantage of it. Several times before, I also went early, but when I arrived, it was crowded. I came earlier this morning, I don’t know if the door is open for me to pick up or not”, Mr. Hoa worried.

According to people, the number of people going to do land-related procedures is very large, but each day, the branch of the Cam Lam district land registration office only accepts 60 sets of documents.

“Being late is considered a wasted morning, you have to wait until the next day. Many people I see have been here for 3-4 days and still have not completed the application, “said Mr. Hoa.

At the one-stop section of the People’s Committee of Cam Lam district, over the past time, many people have come to make all kinds of documents related to land.

Recorded here shows that there are dozens of people lying around waiting, some people, after drawing numbers, take advantage of sleep because they have been up all night.

“Wake up very tired at night, but I’m happy to get the number, take a nap, it’s my turn to submit the application. Most of the people here go through procedures to change the purpose of land use or separate the plot, make a red book”, said Mr. N. a resident.

Some people who went to do the application said that if they asked the service party (service trigger), it would be faster, but it would cost more. “Many people have money thanks to the service, it is less difficult. They do it faster, but it costs a lot of money, so I choose to work by myself because I am also free for the mango crop,” said Mr. N.

Receive maximum records for people

Confirming the above problem, the leader of the branch of the Cam Lam district land registration office admitted that since the information on the planning for the construction of an airport urban area in Cam Lam has occurred, people have rushed to work. records to separate parcels, leading to overcrowding.

“In just the first 4 months of 2022, there were more than 19,000 land-related documents and it was equal to the whole year of 2021. While one day the branch could only handle 60 records,” this leader said.

“The dossier is too many, I can’t finish it, even working all day and night, even working Saturday and Sunday can’t work. The branch has sent a document to the land registration office of Khanh Hoa province for support. , strengthen the force to deal with. In the immediate future, the Provincial Office has received nearly 500 applications and sent 3-4 more people to support the branch,” he added.

sot o Cam Lam Anh 2

People take advantage of a nap after drawing the order number, waiting for their turn to submit the application. Photo: Xuan Hoat.

Chairman of the Cam Lam District People’s Committee Ngo Van Bao informed that in order to solve the needs of the people, the locality will increase staff in the one-stop department to promptly handle the people.

“The district has directed to publicize land use planning and projects in the area publicly for people to grasp, to avoid false rumors that disturb information,” said Mr. Bao.

Talking to Zing, Mr. Tran Xuan Tay, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Cam Lam district, said that he had grasped the situation of people rushing to make land-related documents in the area.

“The people’s need to make records is legitimate, but because there are too many, there is a situation of gathering in front of the gates of state agencies. As soon as it grasped the situation, the District Party Committee directed the Land Office Branch and the one-stop shop to receive up to the people’s documents, not limited to only 50-60 documents/day as before. At the same time, it is necessary to arrange more human resources to solve the needs of the people as soon as possible, “said Mr. Tay.

Also according to Standing Deputy Secretary of Cam Lam district, the fact that people gather in front of State offices will pose a potential risk of insecurity, order and beauty, so the district has assigned the police based on the actual situation. for immediate control and correction.

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