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Subject selection in grade 10: Students need to learn carefully, avoid making mistakes

Many students have not learned deeply about the new 10th grade program

Under the new general education curriculum, History as well as other subjects will be taught in two phases. The first stage: from grade 1 to grade 9. This is the stage of basic education. Students can learn knowledge of subjects including History fully according to the program distribution, ensuring that they have been equipped with enough basic knowledge after finishing 9th grade. The second stage from grade 10 to grade 12 is the career orientation stage.

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During this period, in addition to the compulsory subjects, students can choose a number of subjects, including History, to meet the needs of intensive study for future work orientation.

The recent history debate partly shows that today, parents and even students preparing to enter 10th grade are still quite confused about the new 10th grade program in general and the choice of subjects in particular. . This can lead to inadequate analysis and the wrong choice of subjects for the next school year.

At Trung Vuong Secondary School, Me Linh District (Hanoi), 9th grade students are focusing on completing the program and studying for the entrance exam to grade 10. Studying alone is not enough time, so most students I still have not had time to learn deeply about the new 10th grade program.

The school also said that new students can return to school a short time after the epidemic, so at this time, the school’s priority is to make up for the lack of knowledge and skills for them. Helping children learn about the 10th grade program will be calculated by the school, but not at this time.

According to the recent request of the Ministry of Education and Training, schools must organize a survey of students’ opinions on the choice of subjects in grade 10 by April 22 at the latest. about the subject content of the new program may lead to students choosing subjects emotionally. This affects the accuracy of the survey, and even leads to the students’ wrong choice of subjects.

How is the new 10th grade program career-oriented?

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The nature of career orientation and the right of students to choose is not only reflected in Informatics but also throughout the new 10th grade program and other subjects.

Technology is one of the subjects that students will choose to study in grade 10. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Huy Hoang and a group of authors from the book series Connecting Knowledge to Life have designed 2 Technology 10 textbooks for students to choose from. One is Cultivation Technology. Attached is a separate study topic for this content. The second is Design and Technology, with both books and learning topics. Students will be able to choose to study 1 of these 2 contents.

Not only Technology textbooks but many other subjects of this series also clearly show the career orientation of students.

Choosing subjects in grade 10: Students need to learn carefully, avoid making mistakes - Photo 3.
Choosing subjects in grade 10: Students need to learn carefully, avoid making mistakes - Photo 4.

For example, Physical Education 10 has 4 learning topics: Football, basketball, volleyball, and badminton.

Textbook of Music 10, students choose to learn 1 of 2 contents: Singing or musical instruments.

Fine Arts Textbook 10 has 10 learning topics to meet the choice needs of students in different regions.

Textbook of Economic and Legal Education 10 is also designed for students to focus more deeply on the field of economics and law instead of spreading content like the previous Citizenship Education subject.

The organization of contents in the curriculum, textbooks allowing students to choose is a step forward in educational thinking and the way teaching is organized. There, the initiative and strengths, interests of students are focused, the imposition and equalization in program design are limited. If well organized in schools, the full role and power of these programs and textbooks will be played out.

We hope that: parents and students will find out carefully before deciding to choose a subject, schools will try their best in possible conditions to meet the highest expectations of students. pupil.

In order for parents and students to better understand the selective nature of the new educational program in grade 10, the new Living program had a conversation with Prof. TSKH. Pham The Long, Editor-in-Chief of Textbook of Informatics 10, Book of Connecting Knowledge with Life.

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