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Techniques for growing American figs in pots

Mr. Nguyen Giau, four years of experience in terrace gardening, suggests how to grow American figs in pots for ripe fruit full of fragrant honey.

Planting barrel

– Types of plastic containers, foam boxes with a capacity of 50-200l, the larger the box, the more space the roots will have to grow, from which the tree will be bigger, develop more branches and will give more fruit .

– Drill a drainage hole 5cm from the bottom of the barrel.

Planting land

– The soil mixture consists of 60% clean soil and 40% rice husk ash, coconut fiber, peanut shells… to loosen up, add a little vermicompost, processed organic fertilizer, agricultural lime. Mix well, add a layer of tricodema mushrooms on the surface, water enough and incubate for 7-10 days to be planted.

Note: Do not mix too much fertilizers, especially un-rotted organic fertilizers such as cow and chicken manure.

American fig tree.  Photo: Nguyen Giau

American fig tree. Image: Nguyen Giau

Planting and caring

– Plant the tree in the box so that the top layer of the box is level with the top layer of the potting soil. Stick bamboo poles to fix the root part to avoid being pushed by wind and rain. Water a sufficient amount of water, then maintain watering twice a day in the early morning and cool afternoon, the amount of water is just enough.

– At this stage, there is no need to add fertilizer because the required amount of fertilizer is already mixed in the soil.

– After observing the tree to add new leaves (about 10 days after planting), periodically fertilize every 7-10 days during the growing process, the dose of fertilizer depends on the age of the tree and the number of branches and leaves. that the tree has, starting low and then increasing as the tree grows.

American figs in the period of fruiting.  Photo: Nguyen Giau

American figs in the period of fruiting. Image: Nguyen Giau

– Fertilizers that can be used: Worm manure, cow manure, chicken manure, fish manure, compound fertilizer, specialized NPK fertilizer for fruit trees.

– Fig tree is very easy to grow and has almost no pests, because its leaves have a very unpleasant odor to insects.

– Fungal disease that is common in the rainy season is rust disease, prevention and treatment with copper- or silver-based active ingredients.

– After planting about 2.5-3 months, the tree begins to bear fruit, from the time the fruit appears until it is ripe, it will last about 45-50 days.

– When the fruit is nearly ripe, the fruit will swell and start to turn red. At this time, it is necessary to add more potassium to sweeten and use a specialized bag to avoid fruit flies.

Sung My at harvest.  Photo: Nguyen Giau

Sung My at harvest. Image: Nguyen Giau


– Harvest when the whole fruit and the tip of the fruit stem have turned dark red, if the fruit is soft, it can be harvested. American figs contain a lot of honey inside, which is very sweet when fully ripe, but only when ripe, it turns pale. When ripe, the outer skin is very thin, so picking must be gentle. Just a slight collision also makes the fruit scratched and unsightly.

– The fig tree only bears fruit once on a certain branch. Each leaf axils only gives one fruit, so after harvesting all the fruits on the tree, it is necessary to prune and fertilize the tree to produce new branches, from which there will be more fruit in the next harvest.

– In addition to fresh fruit, many things can be made from figs: dried fruit, jam, fruit can also be soaked in wine, juice, leaves to make tea…

Nguyen Giau

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