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The attentive service in Haidilao is known by everyone, but there is one item that makes many people uncomfortable, I wish there wasn’t.

A series of articles on how to provide attentive service to the teeth, full of “infinite” potential of Haidilao, so much so that the netizen firmly said: “We pay not for the food in Haidilao but for what Haidilao can bring”. The hot pot brand from China scores for its enthusiasm, sophistication, and sometimes exaggeration.

It is so neat, yet Haidilao still has some stages that make a part of diners unhappy, such as celebrating birthdays for guests. The great thing is that when booking a table in the name of a birthday or on the birthday of a previously registered account, Haidilao will celebrate right in the guest’s meal. A group of employees will bring fruits, signs, small gifts, loud speakers, and clapping and singing congratulatory songs around the table with a birthday guest. At the same time, invite the people around to clap and sing in harmony. At that time, it will create a lively corner that attracts the eyes of others. And with a group of guests, especially introverts, this is extremely uncomfortable.

The service in Haidilao is attentive, everyone knows, but there is an account that makes many people uncomfortable, wishing there wasn't more - Photo 1.

This topic attracts thousands of interactions on social networks (Photo @cotsongGenZ)

From some comments:

– “I really feel panic, even though you guys are very nice, but I don’t like being watched by the whole restaurant while eating.”

– “Sometimes without reservation, without request, Haidilao also actively congratulates himself if he knows the date of birth. Once when I was eating, they jumped out and startled themselves.”

– “I’m not too introverted, but when I sang congratulatory songs on my birthday, I really needed oxygen at that time, but on the outside I tried to smile and try to be calm in front of everyone. It’s okay to give gifts, don’t make everyone sing along.”

– “I also ordered noodle dance but… didn’t dance because I didn’t want people to notice, this birthday combo is really damaging, it’s better not to have it”.

Many other opinions believe that Haidilao’s (arbitrary) organization of birthdays for guests in general still brings more joy to more guests. It’s true that it’s a bit shy but everyone feels it’s not too heavy, moreover, the people around… don’t really care that much, simply go out to eat and enjoy the happy service.

The other guests really liked Haidilao’s birthday celebration! Do you always feel shy or embarrassed? (Photo: Haidilao Hanoi) uoc-khong-co-con-hon-20220424085840125.chn

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