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The baby has tiny eyes that make the whole family “smile like a smile”

When having a baby, every parent hopes their baby is cute. In the eyes of many people, big round eyes, high nose bridge, white skin are the characteristics of a child with a lovely appearance. Therefore, if a child has an appearance that is not as expected, parents often feel very sad.

Recently, on social networks, an image of a few months old baby with “tiny eel eyes” has been spread, surprising netizens.

baby with tiny eyes - Photo 1.

The baby has tiny eyes.

It is known that the parents of this baby both have monolids. Therefore, they are very jealous of those who have big round double eyelids. From the time of her pregnancy, the wife ate a lot of grapes. She heard the elderly in the house say that, if pregnant women eat a lot of grapes, the children will be born with big and round eyes.

Therefore, she actively eats grapes and also focuses on nutrition during pregnancy. However, when the baby was born, the whole family was stunned with his appearance.

When pregnant, the mother tries to eat a lot so that the child has big round eyes, looking at the child's appearance makes the whole family

This baby’s parents both have monolids.

A normal child with eyes closed can still clearly see the gap between the upper and lower eyelids. However, this baby right from birth, even when not sleeping, it is still difficult to see his eyes clearly. When she saw her child’s eyes like that, the mother even thought it was a sign of some illness.

When the baby was a few months old, the mother saw that her baby’s eyes were so small that opening the eyelids with her hand still did not work. The baby’s eyes are tiny, looking disproportionate to the face. Faced with such a child’s appearance, the mother lamented sadly: “No matter how many grapes you eat, it still doesn’t work“.

Perhaps some parents of children with small eyes have experienced the same emotions as this mother. Many netizens even comforted the mother saying “If you have a healthy baby, it’s good, if your eyes are small, you’ll be able to get bigger after plastic surgery, no matter how big you want“.

If the child does not have big round eyes, the mother should pay attention to these 3 things

In fact, there are many children with relatively small eyes at a young age, but as they grow older, the facial contours will change, the eyes become larger. There are also some children who have monolids when they are young, but turn into double eyelids when they grow up.

Most people like their children to have big and round double eyelids, but people with monolids also have their own charm. There are many entertainment stars who have single eyelids but their looks are very attractive. Therefore, parents do not need to be too worried, instead should focus on 3 other factors as follows:

1. Diet

Many parents like their children to be fat and eat a lot. In fact, children need to eat a full range of nutrients instead of eating too much, leading to overweight and obesity. A child with a balanced, agile appearance will win everyone’s sympathy.

When pregnant, the mother tries to eat a lot of grapes so that the child has big and round eyes, looking at the baby's appearance after birth makes the whole family


2. Protect your teeth

A child, no matter how good-looking, if teeth are stained yellow, uneven growth, tooth decay also affects appearance. Therefore, in the process of children growing up, parents should remind children to take care of their teeth.

In particular, when children replace permanent teeth, if the distance between the teeth is too large or the teeth are not aligned, the child needs to be corrected in time to avoid affecting the appearance later.

3. Correct the wrong sitting posture

Sitting posture affects the child’s physique, especially the problem of stooping. When children are young, parents should promptly correct their child’s correct sitting posture.

Appearance is not the most important factor in child development. Instead of being sad when looking at their child’s appearance, parents should focus on cultivating good characters and orienting the right learning path.

In short, appearance is inherited from parents. If the child’s appearance cannot be changed at a young age, parents can wait for the child to grow up to be able to resort to outside methods to improve the defect. when-happy-doi-chien-cau-nhu-nhu-meu-20220423153325422.chn

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