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The “floating” eyeliner is the fashion for this summer makeup look

Although it only appeared not long ago, the eye-catching “floating eyeliner” trend has created an irresistible attraction for fashionistas and made the sisters immediately join in.

The unique “floating” eyeliner style has a clear eyeliner line drawn parallel to the real eyelid, providing a visual trick to the viewer, thereby helping the eyes become bigger and more impressive. In addition to the traditional black eyeliner, in this style you can transform into many different colors.

Eyeliner “floating” with bright colors of summer

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As a bold break from the familiar eyeliner style, use colorful colors such as orange and purple to create fluttering eyeliner lines on the eyelids.

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Start at the corner of the eye and finish at the bottom with a neon blue on a peach orange background, adding a pop of color with a matching eyeshadow that’s covered on the bottom lid.

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If you have large and round eyelids, then the arc-shaped eyeliner will make your eyes more defined and deeper.

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Using a bright yellow tone for eyeliner and mascara will give you a beautiful – unique – strange look.

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The way to combine “floating” eyeliner with freckle makeup style is a combination of personality and lightness.

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Seducing” the opposite person with just one look, is something you can easily do if you wear this eyeliner.

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Using blue shimmer eyeshadow to line the lower eyelid is a new and unique beauty style.

Basic black eyeliner

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Drawing the curves on the eyelids requires precision, so you need to buy yourself an eyeliner with a marker.

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If you want to try something different and more dramatic, try eyeliner with two layers of foundation and with lines eyeliner sharp, curved.

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Or simply focus on creating strokes in the corners and corners of the eyes.

Striking white eyeliner

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Making an impression as strong as the neon color Colorful, “floating” eyeliner with white color brings a strong “cool” beauty.

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With this eyeliner style, you can minimize the flashy makeup style before and just apply an earthy pink lipstick to be beautiful enough.

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Paint the upper lid with a light brown tone, pressing the eye sockets for depth and contouring the white eyeliner.

Temporarily ignore the familiar black pencils and eyeliners because the trend of this summer is eyeliner “Hovering” with bright, vibrant colors and unique flying.

By: Harpers Bazaar, InStyle

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