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The last one is the “ace”

There is an old saying: “Heroes emerge from chaos”. This saying is even more strongly proven in such a chaotic and fierce period as the Three Kingdoms. The turbulent times and a series of disputes that arose in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty created countless heroes and heroes.

In the context of the heroes everywhere, there were only three strongest forces rising to the top, namely Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo.

Among these, Cao Wei is considered the most dominant force when it has many advantages. Cao Cao is the monarch at the head of this political group. Famous for his cleverness, Cao Cao is one of the most outstanding characters in the Three Kingdoms.

In the Three Kingdoms, only these 3 advisors make Cao Cao fear: The last one is the

Cao Cao’s whole life was full of wisdom, but he was also afraid of three conspirators.

From the very beginning of his career, Cao Cao paid great attention to recruiting talents. Not only consolidating heroes, strong generals, Cao Cao also specially invested in the issue of searching for advisors.

However, in his illustrious life, Cao Cao also had to fear these three advisors. Who are they?

First, Fa-rectification

Phap Chinh, self-proclaimed Hieu Truc, is considered one of Luu Bei’s top advisors. Initially, Fa Chinh served under Liu Zhang. Later, when Luu Bei entered the land of Thuc, Phap Chinh joined the army for Luu Be. He was the mastermind for Liu Bei and was highly trusted. Fa Chinh’s role in Liu Bei’s power is not inferior to Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu and others.

In the Three Kingdoms, only these 3 advisors make Cao Cao fear: The last one is the

In Liu Bei’s group, Zhuge Liang is considered a great god, Fa Chinh is the mastermind.

In fact, in life, Fa-rectification has two greatest merits. The first is to help Liu Bei successfully overthrow the Ich Chau Muc Luu Chuong and capture Ich Chau. Second, Fa Chinh planned to attack Han Trung to help Liu Bei capture Hanzhong, a strategic location of great importance to Liu Bei’s group.

It was thanks to the above two great contributions of Phap Chinh that helped Luu Bei’s power gain a firm foothold in the Three Kingdoms, and also laid the initial foundation for the future. Therefore, Fa Chinh is often considered the top strategist under Liu Bei’s school, no less than Zhuge Liang.

In fact, the disastrous defeat in the battle of Han Trung made Cao Cao really shy and afraid because of Fa Chinh’s tactical skills. Even Cao Cao did not intend to rob Han Trung or Ich Chau while Phap Chinh was still alive. It can be said that Phap Chinh is indeed the “mastermind” of Luu Be, a rare talent in the Three Kingdoms.

In the Three Kingdoms, historian Tran Tho also commented that Phap Chinh’s military talent could be compared with Cao Wei’s strategist Guo Gia.

Second, Obey Australia

In the Three Kingdoms, only these 3 advisors make Cao Cao fear: The last one is the

Xun Yu is considered the great god of Cao Cao.

Tuan Uc, pen name Van Nhuoc, was a famous minister and advisor at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was also the one who had great merit in helping Cao Cao unify the North, building an illustrious career in the Three Kingdoms period.

Xun Yu is considered one of the top advisors under Cao Cao. He planned the strategy and military line, Cao Cao’s plan to unify the North. At the same time, Tuan Uu also repeatedly revised Cao Cao’s strategies and was highly appreciated by this monarch. Therefore, the important role of Tuan Uc in the career building period of Cao Cao and Cao Wei is extremely large and irreplaceable.

However, the relationship between Cao Cao and Tuan Uu is not the usual military-god or master-servant relationship. Because in fact, Tuan Uu has never considered Cao Cao as his master and never considered himself a servant of the Cao Wei family.

For Tuan Uu, only the “son of heaven” of the Han Dynasty was really the emperor. In other words, Xun Yu was only loyal to the Han Dynasty, not to Cao Wei.

Maybe that’s why Cao Cao is a little more averse to Xun Yu. In particular, when Cao Cao wanted to claim the title of Wei King, Tuan Yu was the first to oppose this.

It is because he is not of the same mind that Cao Cao understands that if Tuan Uu exists one day, the road ahead of Cao Cao will not be easy. In the year 212, Tuan Uc passed away mysteriously at the age of 50.

Tuan Australia’s death actually shows two concerns. Firstly, the death of Tuan Uc partly shows the fear in Cao Cao’s heart. Second, the death of Tuan Uu shows that he is a servant of the Han Dynasty, not the Cao Wei Dynasty.

Tuesday, Sima Yi

Sima Yi, stylized as Trong Dat, was a brilliant strategist, politician, and military man of the Cao Wei dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period. Sima Yi was also the one who carried out a spectacular overthrow in 249, successfully transferring power from the Cao Wei dynasty to the Sima family, creating a solid foundation for the descendants to later establish. Jin Dynasty, unification of the Three Kingdoms.

Sima Yi was the second son of Sima Fang, an official of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Hearing the fame of his talent, Cao Cao soon sent many people to invite Sima Yi to join under his command. According to Jin Shu, at first Tu Ma Yi saw that the Han dynasty’s fortunes were weak and did not see any motivation to join Cao Cao’s faction. Therefore, Sima Yi used the excuse that he was ill to refuse Cao Cao’s invitations.

At that time, Cao Cao didn’t believe it, so he sent someone to Sima Yi’s house at night to check. Sima Yi knew this in advance, so she lay in bed all night without moving.

In the Three Kingdoms, only these 3 advisors make Cao Cao fear: The last one is the

Sima Yi once made Cao Cao restless after observing his appearance.

In 208, after becoming Prime Minister, Cao Cao ordered Sima Yi to join the government, if he evaded, he should be arrested. Due to fear that something bad would happen, Sima Yi finally accepted to hold the position of Literature.

During this period, Cao Cao was inherently good at looking at people, so he saw that Sima Yi had raised his heart and mind, but discovered that this sage had a general, so he was always wary and wary in his heart. Even when he was still alive, Cao Cao also reminded his son Cao Phi that Sima Yi would definitely not be a servant, so he would definitely interfere in the Cao family’s affairs in the future.

However, the relationship between Cao Phi and Sima Yi is very good. Sima Yi was one of the supporters of Cao Phi’s succession. Therefore, Cao Phi trusted Sima Yi very much.

Moreover, Sima Y spent her whole life waiting for her time, wholeheartedly serving the Cao family, so it also made suspicious people like Cao Cao temporarily feel secure.

However, history has proven Cao Cao’s ability to see people is correct. Although Sima Yi was patient and quiet during the reigns of Cao Cao and Cao Phi, during the time when Cao Due and Cao Phuong were in power, this sage revealed his ambition to usurp power.

In fact, Cao Cao’s advice to his son Cao Phi in the past fully exposed Cao Cao’s fears and concerns about the man Sima Yi. Unfortunately, before his death, Cao Cao, although always on guard, did not eliminate Sima Yi. His whole life was full of wisdom, but Cao Cao inadvertently left Sima Yi, a “seed” that threatened Cao Wei’s fortune later on. This is indeed regrettable.

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