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The tallest man in France is famous on TikTok

At the age of eight, Vincent Pourczyk was 1.82 meters tall. Currently, he is 2.22 meters tall, officially recognized as the tallest man in France.

Vincent Pourczyk is a professional basketball player, but it is worth noting that he has also become a social media star, with funny videos on the TikTok network.

The tallest man in France is famous on TikTok - Photo 1.

Currently Vincent Pourczyk has 1.6 million subscribers, his videos show the interesting situation of an overweight person in daily life, thereby raising awareness among ordinary people and inspiring Inspiring people who are physically unusual.

Vincent Pourczyk shared: “I realized I was tall when I was in primary school, I was only 8 years old, but I was 1.82 meters. I was taller than my teacher, I was almost mistaken for a gym teacher. At 12 years old, I was a gym teacher. already 2 meters tall, I can’t even see my whole body when I look in the mirror I demonstrated this situation on video and posted it online, the next morning when I woke up I noticed there were 200,000 notifications about that video”.

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