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Tu Khac filmed ‘The Condor Heroes’

Hong Kong director Tu Khac invited Chau Tan, Tran Khon, Hoang Canh Du… to play “The Great Condor Heroes”.

By page Oriental Daily News On April 24, Tu Khac is negotiating Chau Tan and Tran Khon for the roles of Hoang Dung and Quach Tinh. If it goes well, Chau Tan – Tu Khac will reunite after 12 years of filming Armored Dragon Gate. Above Weibo, many viewers said they expected Chau Tan to return to Hoang Dung. In 2003, she caused a fever when taking on this character in Condor Heroes.

Tu Khac, Chau Tan at the event 2008. Photo: Sina

Tu Khac, Chau Tan at the 2008 event. Photo: Sina

Besides Chau Tan, Tran Khon, Tu Khac aimed Hoang Canh Du to play Duong Qua, Chau Da played Tieu Long Nu, and Truong Vu Ky played Ly Mac Suu.

Film project God Condor was cherished by Tu Khac for many years but did not shoot for many reasons, including lack of funding. Last year, the movie Tan Ho School he co-directed earned nearly 5.8 billion yuan (nearly 892 million USD) – the highest-grossing Chinese box office history. Thanks to the success of the work, Tu Khac is favored by more investors, so it can be implemented God Condor.

Condor Heroes 2003

Chau Tan, Ly A Bang in “The Condor Heroes” 2003. Video: CCTV

Tu Khac is a master of martial arts movies. He was born in 1950 in Saigon, childhood often try to sneak into the cinema to watch a movie. Above Businesstimes, When the director finished the movie, he was always eager to tell you what he had seen. Later, Tu Khac realized that the joy of telling stories to others was one of his motivations for making films.

At the age of 16, Tu Khac moved with his family to Hong Kong to live, then to the US to study filmmaking. In the 1990s, as a director, he stormed the box office with a series of martial arts films Wong Fei Hung. As a producer Tu Khac succeeds with Tan Longmen Hotel, Arrogant Gypsy: Dong Phuong Bui Bai…

Like him (according to Oriental Daily News)

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