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Vietnamese quiz: “Why do husband and wife call each other husband and wife?”

“Husband” and “wife” are two affectionate and close phrases that couples often use to call each other. This is a familiar name in everyday life, but most people do not know its origin. Have you ever wondered when and where did this call come from? If in doubt, read the explanation below.

In the book Dai Nam Quoc syllable by Tinh Cua (published in 1986) is a book that fully records Vietnamese of all 3 regions of the North, Central and South, but there is no word “commune” in “husband”, “wife”. This proves that at the end of the 19th century, Vietnamese people did not use the words “husband” and “wife” to call their husbands and wives.

In the book Vietnamese dictionary Authors Le Ngoc Truc and Le Van Duc explain: “Commune” is an abbreviation for the word “commune”, for example “husband”, “teacher”.

The commune chief is the head of the village council of a commune, assigned the task of managing the commune – the superior administrative unit of the village and the subordinate of the village. This position was not elected by the court, but was unanimously nominated by the local people and approved by the superiors of the court.

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Vietnamese Dictionary Recorded by the editor Van Tan: “Commune” is a man in the village with a higher position than commoners, like “uncle commune”. In other documents, “commune” is a position in a feudal village that can be bought with money.

“My husband”, “my husband’s brother” are the names that the commune chief’s wives often use to refer to their husbands when talking to other people, just like Mr. Li’s wives have a way of talking. “my boss / me”. When this expression gradually became popular, it was no longer exclusive to the powerful, anyone could use “husband” to refer to a husband. And when the “husband” is the husband, the “wife” is automatically the wife.

This way of calling shows the glory and pride of one’s life partner to the village. In addition, the word “commune” in Han Van also refers to like-minded people, such as: Thi commune = Poetry association.

So the origin of the word “commune” used to call a husband or wife indicates a soulmate, like-minded. That love only husband and wife can have. In Chinese, the word “commune” includes the word “god” (i.e. emotional, spiritual) combined with the word “earth” (ie land, indicating property and material). Eastern philosophy considers each human being as a world, needing to converge both spiritual and material.

When choosing a life partner, we often look for people with a healthy body, showing abundant material development to know how to work and contribute to supporting the family. That person must have a rich, gentle, caring, and hard-working soul. That is also the implicit standard in calling “husband”, “wife”. So that when calling each other like that, besides intimacy, husband and wife are reminding each other about the responsibility and role standards of the word “commune”. Thuc frame

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