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Western newspaper advises visitors to the Mekong Delta

The travel magazine The Travel rated the beauty of the Mekong Delta as worthy of many visits.

In the list of “10 undeveloped destinations with true potential in Asia” that Canadian magazine The Travel just posted, Mekong Delta second. The magazine rated the Mekong Delta as a potential destination, with beautiful scenery and many activities to explore but not prominent on the tourist map.

British writer, Lauren Feather, said that foreign tourists often pay the most attention to Ha Long Bay When thinking about Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is a natural “jewel”. In Lauren’s description, the Mekong Delta is picturesque, a place of peace and quiet with many unspoiled countryside, away from the hustle and bustle. She assessed that this place has a lot of potential to exploit tourism as pagodas of the Khmer, floated marketmangrove forests, fresh seafood and irresistible cuisine.

“Surprisingly beautiful” is what Lauren wrote. The Mekong Delta is a “maze of rivers and canals crisscrossed with pristine small islands”.

Tourists visit Tra Su Melaleuca forest in An Giang.  Photo: Kieu Duong

Tourists visit Tra Su Melaleuca forest in An Giang. Image: Kieu Duong

Places that appear on the list of The Travel considered the gems in the raw, for travelers who want an adventure experience but rarely appear in the media.

Some of the places on the list are Taiwan – The destination is considered undeveloped when it is located between Japan and the Philippines too strong in tourism. The remaining destinations are Trường Sa city in Hunan province, China, Kerala and Goa in India, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Johor Bahru in Malaysia, Clark in the Philippines, Appi in Japan and Pontianak in Indonesia.

Pontianak tops the list. The name “Pontianak” can cause fear in the hearts of Malaysians when it is the name of a scary animal in Malaysian folk tales. However, Indonesia’s Pontianak located in West Kalimantan is a fun, vibrant city and a melting pot of Malaysian, Dayak and Chinese cultures. The city is also a convenient place to start a tour of the many natural attractions of Kalimantan Barat province, including the orangutan sanctuary in Betung Kerihun National Park, Mount Kelam and Sentarum Lake National Park.

Pontianak city at night.  Photo: Wonderful Indonesia

Pontianak city at night. Image: Wonderful Indonesia

loyalty (According to The Travel)

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