What did Colonel Dinh Van Doi say?

The Investigation Police Agency of An Giang Province Police recently issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused and issue a ban on leaving the residence for the accused Ngo Phu Cuong (SN 1974, residing in the West Hamlet. Khanh 2, My Hoa Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province) for the crime of “tax evasion”.

According to the An Giang Provincial Police Portal, the initial police investigation determined that Cuong was in charge of all sand trading activities of four companies in An Giang. In which, Phu Cuong Co., Ltd. is named by Cuong as the legal representative and Song Thoai One Member Limited Company (with the same address in My Hoa ward) is named by Cuong’s daughter as the legal representative.

From 2016 to 2020, Cuong directly traded sand with a number of companies inside and outside the province, with a total revenue of more than 63 billion VND and paid into 2 personal accounts owned by Ngo Phu Cuong. direct management.

With the entire amount of this revenue, Cuong did not issue invoices when selling sand, not recording in accounting books and declaring taxes in 4 companies managed by Ngo Phu Cuong.

The assessment conclusion of the Tax Department of An Giang province determined that the amount of damage reduced to the State budget due to violations of tax laws by Phu Cuong Co., Ltd and Song Thoai One Member Co., Ltd. was more than 19 billion VND.

  The case of giant Cuong Cat being prosecuted: What did Colonel Dinh Van Doi say?  - Photo 1.

The investigative police agency serves the decisions to prosecute the case and prosecute the accused. Photo: An Giang Police

  The case of giant Cuong Cat being prosecuted: What did Colonel Dinh Van Doi say?  - Photo 2.

The police agency searched the residence and workplace of the accused Ngo Phu Cuong. Photo: An Giang Police

Colonel Dinh Van Doi (Director of Public Security of An Giang province) informed that in Tuoi Tre online newspaper, the prosecution of the case, the prosecution of the accused and the ban on leaving the place of residence for the accused Ngo Phu Cuong is only a matter of time. “first step” of the case. Tax evasion on natural resources and minerals is complicated, so the police side, in addition to focusing on investigating Phu Cuong enterprises, will expand and clarify businesses with signs of tax evasion in waterways.

“In the near future, it will be clear that businesses and individuals that have exploited natural resources and minerals (sand) show signs of tax evasion, causing loss of State property to strictly handle in accordance with law.

All sand and stones must be auctioned in accordance with the law, must pay taxes, and come here to take advantage of resources and minerals and evade taxes, An Giang Police will strictly handle them,” the newspaper said. Youth quoted Colonel Place.

Also according to the above source, a leader of An Giang Construction Joint Stock Company said that the giant “sand” made a fortune from sand making and sand business, having a lot of assets.

The case is being investigated and clarified by the Investigation Police Agency of An Giang Province. The police call on organizations, individuals and businesses involved in the illegal activities of the accused Ngo Phu Cuong to immediately come to the Economic Police Department of An Giang Province Police, at 6, Ton Duc Thang Street. , My Binh ward, Long Xuyen city, An Giang province declared, to receive the leniency of the law. (An Giang Public Security Portal)


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