Why did writer Kim Dung add details Thien Son Dong Lao, Duong Qua need to use fresh blood?

In the swordplay novels of writer Kim Dung, there are many segments where the characters use fresh blood. There are characters who, in order to practice strange martial arts, have to drink blood to improve their gong. Besides, there are also many people who use fresh blood to treat diseases. In particular, these details appear quite a lot in Kim Dung’s famous works such as Thien Long Bat Bo, Thien Tu Long Ky, The Condor Knight or Tieu Arrogant Gypsy. So what are the details?

Thien Son Dong Lao while hiding in an ice tunnel

Thien Son Dong Lao, after practicing the martial art of Bat Hoang Luc Luc, Only Self, and Ton Cong, gained unparalleled strength. Although this martial art can turn a practitioner into a peerless master, forever keeping his youth, but after every 30 years, he has to change his old age once every 30 years, each time it takes another 30 days. During this time, the practitioner will temporarily lose all martial arts. Moreover, they have to drink fresh blood every day to regulate the meridians.

Why does writer Kim Dung add details of Thien Son Dong Lao, Duong Qua need to use fresh blood?  - Photo 1.

Because Thien Son Dong Lao practiced martial arts, he had to use fresh blood. (Photo: Baidu)

In the 35th and 36th chapters of the novel “Thien Long Eight Bodies”, Thien Son Dong Lao once said that if he did not drink fresh blood every day at the time of the Horse, his body would be destroyed by internal force. Fresh blood to drink also has very strict requirements on origin. For example, the blood of chickens, ducks, pigs, and sheep has no spiritual energy, not equal to the blood of deer and antelope.

When Thien Son Dong Lao was 96 years old, it took her 90 days to get back to her old self. Her sister, Ly Thu Thuy, took this opportunity to seek revenge. After that, Thien Son Dong Lao and Hu Truc were chased and had to hide in the ice cellar of the Tay Ha palace. She drank the blood of all kinds of strange beasts in the royal garden to practice the exercises.

Vi Nhat Tieu was possessed by fire

Vi Nhat Tieu is a character in the work “Ỷ Thien Tu Long Ky” known by the pseudonym Thanh Duc Buc Vuong. He is one of the Four Great Dharma Kings of the Ming Cult. Vi Nhat Tieu because of being possessed by a fire pipe while doing the exercises, caused the meridians to become stagnant, so he had to suck the blood of a living person to neutralize it, otherwise he would freeze his whole body and die.

Why does writer Kim Dung add details of Thien Son Dong Lao, Duong Qua need to use fresh blood?  - Photo 2.

Vi Nhat Tieu drank human blood to avoid being poisoned by the cold. (Photo: Baidu)

Vi Nhat Tieu used to suck the blood of disciples of the Emi sect many times, making them very angry. Moreover, Vi Nhat Tieu was also the first master in light martial arts, so the six great sects could not do anything to him. Dieu Tuyet Master Thai once said: “For a long time, I have heard rumors that Vi Nhat Tieu’s meritorious skills are unmatched in the world, indeed, his reputation is not lost, much better than mine.” Therefore, the Gypsies call Vi Nhat Tieu a great evil head demon specializing in sucking human blood.

It was not until later that Truong Vo Ky used Cuu Duong True Sutra to treat Vi Nhat Tieu, so he did not need to suck human blood to use internal gong anymore. Since then, Vi Nhat Tieu has become an effective assistant of Truong Vo Ky.

Yang Guo caught a nine-tailed fox

In the 34th chapter of the work “The Condor Heroes”, it is written that, when Duong Qua was looking for a nine-tailed fox, he happened to meet an old woman with white hair. That was her brother, also known as Luu Anh, a noble concubine of Doan Tri Hung of Dali country. Although her brother has the appearance of an old woman, the features on her face are extremely delicate, which proves that when she was young, she must have been a beauty.

Duong Qua asked her brother to let him catch a nine-tailed fox to save his friend’s life. The fox’s blood mentioned here is one of the medicinal herbs. The blood of this animal, when ingested, can help wounds heal quickly and suppress poisons.

Why did writer Kim Dung add details Thien Son Dong Lao, Duong Qua need to use fresh blood?  - Photo 3.

Her brother once planned to use the blood of the nine-tailed fox to save his son. (Photo: Baidu)

In addition, in the book “Arrogant Gypsy” once mentioned drinking horse blood as a way to overcome hunger. Specifically, in the 18th chapter, in an emergency, Xiang Wentian suggested that if there was no dry food, drink horse blood. Then, a 5-fingered hand poked the horse’s neck, he rushed in to drink a few mouthfuls of horse blood. Linghu Chong at that time also drank until his stomach was full. Here you can see that horse blood can replace food.

Many readers think that the episode where the character uses fresh blood to practice or treat illness is somewhat creepy and unnecessary. However, it cannot be denied that the way writer Kim Dung uses these details and subtly integrates them in his works makes his works more attractive and unique. great number of.

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