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Why is MacBook more and more like iPad? -Hi-tech fashion

Sunday, April 24, 2022 16:30 PM (GMT+7)

MacBooks are becoming more and more like iPads. Features on iPad are now available on Apple’s laptop line.

Now, the iPad Pro have become a powerful, portable, work-ready computer, even though they lack the same apps and multitasking as desktops. The technology world had hoped that iPadOS 15 would bring those things, but it may have to wait for the upcoming iPadOS 16 generation.

Why is MacBook more and more like iPad?  - first

MacBooks are copying iPad features?

Take a closer look at the MacBook The Air M1, it’s a big step for Apple to move away from Intel processors and the x86 architecture in general, and create its own ARM chip, which is now found in both MacBooks and iPads.

So Apple’s latest iPad Pro and MacBook share the same architecture and, in fact, a similar processor. Many people mistakenly think that the iPad will become more like a MacBook, but the reality is that users are getting more comprehensive Mac apps to use its full power.

MacBooks are becoming more and more like iPads

Recently, Samsung announced to bring the LumaFusion app to Android, or more precisely, to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. That app is (still) an iPad exclusive – the best video editing app on a tablet. Now “exclusive” iPad apps can actually run on MacBook M1 perfectly.

Why is MacBook more and more like iPad?  - 3

iPad Pro.

Just go to your MacBook’s App Store and scroll down to find the “Great iPhone & iPad Apps for Mac M1” section. This will be the place to organize the iPhone and iPad apps that can run on the MacBook M1.

From a user perspective, having the Galaxy Tab S and iPad features available on larger devices will provide a more “already” experience on the big screen. However, mobile tech enthusiasts and professionals really expect technology to go in the opposite direction – Mac apps move to iPad.

Why is MacBook more and more like iPad?  - 4

This will cause users to use iPad less – because the rest of the professional applications are already on the MacBook. So why isn’t Apple still using its iPad Pro models the way savvy iPad users are hoping? It was only a matter of time, or the iPad was dubbed an accessory to the MacBook, and never the complete thing; computer can never be replaced?

iPad is becoming less attractive

The iPad Pro has one advantage over the MacBook – the touch screen. So they will always be a great device for artists when used with the Apple Pencil and the Procreate app! Users can not only draw hands with multiple layers, but also animate the drawings!

Why is MacBook more and more like iPad?  - 5

iPad with support from Apple Pencil and keyboard can support well for work.

However, the iPad in general will lose its potential as a “professional” alternative to the MacBook, unless the device starts to get some Mac apps and do better multitasking.

Recently, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman said that the iPad should have a “pro” mode – Pro with Mac-like multitasking and many other similar features.

Hopefully “Apple House” will improve the iPad in the near future. Let’s wait and see what the next generation of iPad Pro will have.

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