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19 people sentenced for melee

Tien GiangAfter more than a year of “gunfight” with a group of young people that left one person dead, 25-year-old Pham Tran Trung Kien and his accomplices were brought to trial.

On the afternoon of April 25, Kien, 31-year-old Nguyen Van Nhut and 17 others were tried by the People’s Court of Tien Giang province for a series of crimes.

The defendants heard the verdict on the afternoon of April 25.  Photo: Hoang Nam

The defendants appeared in court on the afternoon of April 25. Image: Hoang Nam

According to the indictment, Kien’s girlfriend worked as a hostess at a karaoke bar in Dao Thanh commune, My Tho city. During her work, she had a conflict with a female colleague. Knowing the story, Kien invited Nhut to meet this hostess to reconcile for his girlfriend.

Knowing this hostess has a boyfriend related to a gang in My Tho City, late on December 9, 2020, Kien, Nhut invited more friends to Nguyen Ngoc Tuan Dang’s house, 30 years old, asked to borrow 5 guns, in which three guns have the function of military weapons for “self-defense”. When leaving, Kien’s group had a conflict with Nguyen Minh Tan, 20 years old, because a motorbike blocked the public path.

Three days later, discovering that Tan and 7 people pulled up to Dang’s house, the Nhut and Kien groups immediately opened fire to attack. However, during the melee, Kien shot Dang in the head, causing the victim to die. Another person in the Tan group suffered 35% injuries.

Tien Giang Provincial Police arrested a total of 19 people. In court today, the defendants all admitted the behavior.

After deliberation, the jury sentenced Kien and Nhut to life in prison for the crime Killing. The remaining defendants must receive from one year, six months to 24 years in prison for the crimes Killing; Illegal use of military weapons; Illegally transporting military weapons; Disturbing public order; Concealment, Do not report crimes and Property theft.

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