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9 daily habits you should stop doing in public

nail polish

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You just went out and realized that your fingernails were scratched by bumping somewhere. You plan to remodel on the way to work. But before opening a bottle of nail polish, it’s important to know that the smell can make some people nauseous.

Lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann said: ‘Nail polish is part of our grooming routine and we shouldn’t be doing these things in public. In addition, the nail polish itself has an unpleasant odor to others.”

Try on clothes outside the changing room

There are certain rules you should follow when trying on clothes at the store. With outerwear like sweaters, jackets and scarves, you can try outside, but not in a pair of shorts or a t-shirt.

If you’re going to try it on, go to the changing room to make sure it fits you. You certainly don’t want to make everyone around you uncomfortable, and lose money to buy it, but come home and realize it doesn’t really fit like when you tried it outside at the store.

Pull your panties or adjust your bra straps

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“Whatever you can do discreetly, do it discreetly,” says Swann.

If you’re in a crowded room, it’s really not a good idea to adjust your panties or bra straps. It would be better to go to the nearest bathroom and do what is necessary before coming back.

Put your bag on the table

Where did you put your bags? The floor of a cafe or restaurant? Remember that the bottom of your bag can harbor a lot of germs and you don’t want it to spread to your kitchen counter, countertop, or even your bed. These are the places where we usually leave our bags after walking in the door but let’s stop it. You should sling your bag on a chair or on a hook at a table.

Comb your hair anywhere but the bathroom

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Of course, no one is stopping you from brushing your hair in the bathroom or even in public, but it’s better not to do it outside. No matter how careful you are, you can still let your hair fall out and fly everywhere.

If you want to brush your hair in a public restroom, Swann recommends keeping an eye on people’s reactions and making sure you don’t take up everyone’s space. And if you must comb your hair in public, make sure your hair doesn’t get in the way of other people.

Cut the nail

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Any grooming that involves removing your DNA such as trimming your nails or shaving your eyebrows should be done in your own home. According to Swann, there may be times when you’re on the go or need to quickly edit before an event, going to the bathroom, restroom, or changing room.

“The important thing is that you need to care about the people around you and do nothing to influence. Remember to clean up what you left behind when you’re done,” Swann said.

Going to the bathroom on the plane

We all have to prepare many things for each flight, but don’t forget to bring a deodorant spray with you. It’s better if you don’t go to the bathroom on the plane but that’s something we don’t control so if the need arises, make sure you always remember to flush after you go and spray deodorant to avoid causing discomfort to your passengers. latecomer.

Nose picking

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“That’s something you have to absolutely say no to. Resist the urge to stick your fingers up your nostrils and use a tissue instead. Picking your nose in public is not only unattractive, but it can also cause incalculable harm,” Swann said.

Apply makeup again

When and where to apply makeup or reapply will depend on the circumstances.

For example, if you’re waiting to check your bill at a restaurant, you can totally reapply your lipstick or lip gloss, but if you’re going to put on powder or mascara, you should go to the restroom or change room. If you use public transport to go to work, you can put on makeup in the car, as long as you make sure you don’t disturb or invade other people’s space. One more thing you need to be aware of is that the train or bus can stop suddenly so be careful not to accidentally get lipstick on your cheeks or mascara stick in your eyes.

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