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After the Japanese iPhone 12, shipments of cheap iPhone 13 massively arrived in Vietnam

In early February, the Iphone 12 Japanese handbags have created a fever in Vietnam thanks to the price of 13-14 million VND. This price is on par with genuine iPhone 11 and cheaper than genuine iPhone 12 about 4-5 million. In particular, these machines are all unused with full original boxes and accessories from Apple.

Retail stores all say that the Japanese portable iPhone 12 model has a good price, offering a slightly better experience than competitors in the same segment. This device is “hunted” by many users.

After the Japanese iPhone 12, cheap iPhone 13 shipments massively landed in Vietnam - Photo 1.

After about 2 months, stores continue to offer portable iPhone 13 from the Japanese market at a price of 19 million VND for the 128 GB version, about 2 million VND lower than the genuine one.

“Currently, iPhone 13 in Japan does not have too many promotions. However, the Yen exchange rate is falling to a low level. Therefore, an iPhone 13 in Japan is priced at about 17.5 million”, said a representative of a small store in Ho Chi Minh City.

Just like the Japanese iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 model from the “land of cherry blossoms” also comes with a box, a charging cord and is 100% new, with no scratches on either the back or the screen. However, because the difference between the portable and genuine iPhone 13 model is not too large, users should consider when choosing to buy this product.

First, users will have to trade off the warranty is not guaranteed. Because it is imported and sold by small wholesalers, the warranty period will be shorter than that of genuine goods.

In case the machine is damaged, users will also be required to send the device to Japan for warranty because these machines do not come with an invoice and are not guaranteed genuine in Vietnam.

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