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Beijingers buy out of supermarkets because they are afraid of being blocked

Today (April 25), people in the capital Beijing, China flocked to supermarkets to buy food to hoard in the hope that they would not suffer from a shortage of goods like Shanghai if the city was blocked due to Covid-19. -19.

According to Reuters news agency and The Guardian, Beijing authorities have ordered 3.5 million residents and workers in Chaoyang district – the largest district in the capital to take Covid-19 tests three times this week, after The region recorded 26 out of 47 cases Covid-19 since last week.

Today, China recorded 3,266 symptomatic Covid-19 cases and 20,454 asymptomatic cases. Cases are mostly concentrated in Shanghai, with 19,455 cases. Beijing has only recorded 14 symptomatic cases.

Knowing how much Shanghai residents struggle to find food and necessities when the city is under lockdown, Beijing residents flocked to stores and went online to buy vegetables, meat, and paper. hygiene and instant noodles.

Di, a 63-year-old resident of Chaoyang district, bought two bags of vegetables, enough for 8-10 days, in case his building was blocked due to Covid-19. “Shanghai is a lesson,” the man said, although he said he did not believe Beijing would suffer the same fate.

In Beijing, supermarket chains such as Carrefour and Wumart said they had extended their opening hours yesterday. Meanwhile, the electronic trading platform specializing in vegetables Meituan has increased the number of goods and the sorting and delivery staff.

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Line up at the supermarket. Photo: Reuters
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Fresh vegetables have been purchased. Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters
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Photo: Reuters

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