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Buy “lost” and run 500km and then sell it, the owner of the Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 has an unbelievable loss

As one of the “hot” cars in the 7-seater MPV segment, Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 has just launched in the Vietnamese market a month ago and is making many competitors difficult. However, to buy Toyota Veloz Cross at this time is not easy because the car has few imported goods.

However, after only a few hundred kilometers of experience, there have been many Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 cars on the old car floor at a price that surprised the car owner as in the article.

Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 sold at a loss after 500km

The used car market in Vietnam is extremely exciting when many new models of super-surfing cars with only a few hundred kilometers running for sale, this is an attractive option for users who want to save on rolling costs.


Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 runs more than 500km. TRIAL PHOTO

Accordingly, a car owner is selling a Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 version E when it has only run more than 500km. The article for sale comes with the owner’s confession that when he first bought it, he had to spend 45 million VND to buy “peanut” and had some accessories.

At the price of 656 million VND plus 45 million VND to buy “peanut” and to roll, the owner of the Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 had to spend 769 million VND.


Price of rolling wheels Toyota Veloz Cross 2022. CARDS Photo

Meanwhile, after more than 500km of rolling, the car owner is selling Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 for VND 685 million, which means a loss of VND 84 million. Obviously, this is a loss that startled many people after rolling the Veloz Cross.

Reporters contacted and learned that the price of Toyota Veloz Cross can be further reduced if customers are willing to buy the car. Thus, the car price is still lower from 5-10 million VND when.

Toyota Veloz Cross CVT 2022

Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 enters the Vietnamese market with the ambition to replace Innova to compete in sales with top rival Mitsubishi Xpander. Vehicles are distributed with 2 versions to help customers have many choices.


Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 is still quite new. TRIAL PHOTO

In particular, the Toyota Veloz Cross CVT in the article has a completely new sporty and dynamic appearance. Despite being the standard version, the Veloz Cross CVT is still equipped with split LED headlights, 16-inch wheels and the highlight is the LED rear light strip connecting the two sides.

Coming to the interior, Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 with a trending design thanks to many improvements of the Japanese company. In particular, the main attraction is the 8-inch central entertainment screen, wireless phone charging, electronic handbrake & automatic brake hold.


Toyota Veloz Cross 2022 competes Xpander. TRIAL PHOTO

Toyota Veloz Cross is powered by a 1.5L engine block with a capacity of 105 horsepower and 138 Nm of maximum torque. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a CVT automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

Toyota Veloz Cross CVT has a listed price of 648 million VND, the Top version is priced at 688 million VND.

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