Clip: Innocent young people defecate in front of people’s houses

Stopping the car in front of the house, the young man casually pulled his pants, leisurely defecated right at the up and down steps of the house.

Recently, on MXH appeared a clip recording the image young men casually “putting biological bombs” right in front of people’s houses in the middle of the night.

Specifically, the young man looked quite dashing, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, jeans, covered with a tight mask, and drove a motorbike to stop in front of a resident’s house on the roadside.

After that, the guy casually pulled down his pants and was said to be sitting on the stairs right up and down the house.

After the behavior was over, the guy immediately pulled up his pants without using any “cleaning aids”, then got in the car and quickly left the scene.

The entire action of the young man was recorded by the school’s security camera

However, he did not know that all his ungrateful actions were captured by a nearby security camera.

Although it is not known if the owner has found the identity of the young man or not, the clip after being posted on MXH has received many comments from netizens, most of whom mocked the other guy.

Some comments from netizens:

– It looks good, but it’s uncultured and too dirty. After defecation, you pull up your pants and don’t even bother to wipe it.

– The youth of the 4.0 generation and now the house has a cam installed in the house, breathing lightly that someone knows and defecates at someone’s door. Lom dom so bad that you can’t afford to rent a motel for a few dozen to solve the problem and then leave?

– Cold boy, quick, no redundant movements!

– If you don’t clean it, you can wash your dirty pants and die. But the young man also dared to put his butt on the saddle.

– Sit down and push hard, this young man must have a lot of experience!

Currently, the clip is still being shared widely on MXH.

According to Vietnamnet

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