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Does the house have pre-conditions or is there any income that has not been counted in?

Recently, the story of the boy Nguyen Ngoc Tai – born in 1996 and just bought the first car in his life is attracting the attention of netizens. It is worth mentioning, this guy has a level of 8 million hard salary, but buy a Mazda 3 outright, rolling price is 780 million after 4 years of working.

Not only that, he also has a remarkable share on how to manage personal expenses: “People who go to the office, especially Gen Z at the agency in the morning, can’t be without Starbucks, Phuc Long, milk tea, … but my favorite drink every morning is just 1 vitamin C effervescent tablet. “.

Controversy is heating up all over MXH today: How can I buy a car with an 8 million salary?  - Photo 1.

Before this story, people quickly exploded into controversy: How to buy a car with an 8 million salary?

Even breathing air can’t buy a wheel

Most people do not believe in this guy’s story because if he only has 8 million a month, it will definitely be difficult to buy a car in only 4 years. Because even if you save money on exchanges, snacks, or just drink 1 effervescent C pill every morning, you still need to spend money on house, electricity and water, …

– Did I say too much? Drinking sparkling C or drinking filtered water every morning, the salary of 8 million is still too little to buy a car.

– Can you buy half a car without eating or wearing clothes at 8 million?

– I’m here in the morning, just breathing in the air, but I haven’t bought the wheel yet.

– Only 384 million in 4 years? It’s virtual.

– Maybe your family has the conditions, go to work for fun. But even then, it’s hard to buy a car with 800 million at 8 million.

– In general, it is still necessary to tighten spending. But I think it must be more than 8 million/month to have enough money. If not, it’s too difficult, who can buy a car with that level, but I can bear it.

– Why buy the 800 million car outright? Can I choose to pay in installments or buy a 400 million car?

Salary 8 million but how much total income?

Some netizens think that 8 million is just the hard salary of this guy. In addition, a person’s total income can come from many sources. It can be sales bonus, KPI, commission, … for each industry. Or also, this guy has to “plow hoes” enthusiastically to add other jobs outside of office hours to achieve his goal.

– Hard salary, but how much income I don’t see.

– Wake up everyone, people say that the salary is 8 million, not that the total income is only 8 million. While everyone is arguing, this guy must be working hard to make money. Just like that, buy a car!

– Monthly salary 8 million for 4 years, if you don’t spend anything, you will have about 384 million. This proves that your external income must also be huge.

– Didn’t see the total income revealed for 1 month? But anyway, how to manage spending is also very important. But if you earn a lot and spend a lot, you can’t buy a wheel.

– Emphasis is on hard salary, everyone understand. In the past, I had a hard salary of 8 tubers but my total income was 22 tubers. This guy is more than sure.

– Thus, a month needs to save 17 million to buy a car of 800 million in 4 years. Hard salary 8 million but income 80 million?

– Every year she saves 200 million. That is, the salary must also be from 25-30 million / month. So, it’s not very virtual, right guys?

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