Hot speculative stocks drop tens of percent in price, losing investors race to delete stock apps so that “eyes don’t see heart doesn’t hurt”

VN-Index is falling sharply, currently at 134x points, down 180 points from the peak in early April. HOSE capitalization “evaporated” more than 30 billion USD in just 2 weeks, making investors stunned. The problem of the stock market today is the cash flow, although it has decreased sharply and has more than 100,000 billion in waiting accounts of securities companies as of the first quarter of 2022, but VN-Index still cannot attract cash flow back. when the era of easy cash flow is over. Liquidity is still lost because the long holiday on April 30 is approaching.

Stocks drop 50-80% from the top, panicking investors remove the stock app

Across the stock exchanges, investors scrambled to remove securities applications as “eyes can’t see, ears don’t hear, hearts don’t hurt” when talking about stocks they hold are plummeting. In particular, unfortunate investors clamped down on speculative stocks, hot stocks, their accounts were blown by 40-50% rapidly in April. The decline in hot stocks and speculative stocks was like “free fall”.

The action of removing securities applications by many investors can be explained in the context of stocks racing to plummet. Uninstalling the stock application means that the loss is so large that investors do not want to see it, do not expect to be able to “come back” in a few weeks, but the unit can be calculated in years or years. After this sharp decline, many investors had to bitterly exclaim: “It’s all lost, delete the app to focus on daily business”.

According to our statistics, a lot of hot stocks in April made many investors “burn their hands”. Many stocks have dropped 70-80% from the peak. Typically, there are two groups of stocks belonging to the FLC and Louis ecosystems.

With the FLC ecosystem consisting of FLC, ROS, AMD, ART, TWO stocks, these stocks have lost 60-80% of their value from the peak in January. If counted in April, these stocks have lost about 50 %.

With the Louis Holding stock ecosystem such as TGG, BII. Two stocks with “free fall” like swords deal huge damage. Compared to the peak price, TGG has lost 85%, BII has lost 80%.

There are also many “pine” model stocks that have been “pulled and dropped” such as LIC depreciating 83% from the peak, VRC dropping 67%, HUT depreciating 50%, NVT down 50%, VC9 down 60%, HQC down 50%, JVC down nearly 50%, SDA down 77%…

SharePrice drop from peak (%) as of 4/22
FLC Ecosystem (ROS, FLC, AMD, ART, TWO)60-80%
VRCsixty seven%

There are also a series of other speculative stocks such as PXI, PEN, PDC, C92, MCG, SJF, TNI… also dropped by 40-60% from the peak. The fierce falling momentum blew away all the results in 2020-2021, many investors fell into big losses, negative in capital.

Stay away from “junk” stocks, keep weight low and limit trading

Talking about this phenomenon, a veteran investor with 15 years of experience in the stock market shared: “When you are right, you are usually right in a row, when you are wrong, it can start a chain of losses and mistakes. What to do when mistakes are made. The first thing to do is accept the pain and cut the cancer. The cancer here is garbage stocks, driver stocks without intrinsic value in the business.

This investor said, in the context of strong volatility in the stock market, investors should pay attention to the defensiveness of the account, keep the proportion low and limit transactions. When the psychology is weak, the more you try to trade and remove, the more you fall into the wrong situation. Accordingly, only a part of fundamental growth stocks should be kept and waited for a good opportunity because the process of bottoming and going up later on will be bumpy.

“If you attack when you win, wrong you may only lose part of your profits. If you are still really reckless to attack when you lose you have the potential to lose everything and leave the game. The market has a lot of money. many opportunities and year after year.If you miss this opportunity, you always have the next one.

In the stock market as long as you live long enough you will make money. So create the principles that work for you to live as long as possible”, the 15-year investor warned to stay away from junk stocks, properly allocate assets and manage risks well, trade large and small proportions depending on the cycle of the market. General

According to Anh Minh

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