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I like the feeling of saving money to send back to my wife

Not colorful, dusty, a little liberal and very masculine is the impression of Ha Viet Dung in real life. In the midst of Vietnamese showbiz, he worked hard with each film project, quietly practiced, and worked hard on art.

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Ha Viet Dung

Parents cry because they love their children while watching movies

– From a Muong ethnic boy born in a poor family, to today is model and actor Ha Viet Dung. It must have been a long, uneventful journey, for you?

I was born and raised in Tan Lac, Hoa Binh, a poor rural area where people make a living mainly by selling their labor force, the income is very precarious. When I was a child, I helped my mother carry bricks for hire, and was paid 800-1,000 VND. In the summer of my high school years, my two sisters and I went down to Ha Dong to help make paper and wood for people to earn money to buy books and clothes. That day, I simply thought if I continued to live like this, when would I ever have money, then get married, get married, have children…

I did 2 years of military service. After being discharged from the army, I went to Ho Chi Minh City to look for opportunities. That day, “wet feet and dry feet”, only daring to set the goal of earning a place to eat, stay, have a job, it doesn’t matter how much salary. First I worked at a restaurant for a wedding reception, then a coffee shop assistant…, doing all sorts of jobs, as long as I had money. After a lady in disguise saw that I was tall, she introduced me to a modeling class. So I joined the PL modeling agency, the first year I went to the Model Star contest to win the 3rd prize, and the next year the Vietnam Supermodel contest won the bronze prize.

Ha Viet Dung: I like the feeling of saving money to send home to my wife - 2

As a model, I have a title but I can’t earn money, because male models are disadvantaged compared to female models. There are very few events, the programs are mostly variety. I opened a sugarcane juice shop to earn money in and out of the field. By chance, Mr. Hai (director Ngo Quang Hai) knew that I had just invited him to cast the movie “Cold Summer”. I honestly told Mr. Hai that he couldn’t act. Mr. Hai encouraged him: Cinema needs to be authentic. You just define that every day you go to the studio is a new day, consider yourself as a blank page to learn. After “Cold Summer”, Mr. Hai told me: “Maybe I can’t do much for you, but after this movie, I found an actor for Vietnamese cinema”.

– Which role is most engraved in Ha Viet Dung’s career?

It is the role of Kien in the movie “Cold Summer”. It was the first time I hit the cinema, everything was brand new, being given the opportunity was lucky but very stressful. I think other than me, no actor would dare to jump into the dirty river at Y-Bridge, District 8.

The first scene I jumped from the boat, drank a few sips of water, threw up. The second scene I came up from the river, underneath the river was full of dirty mud, many strange animals crawled around very badly… The stench still haunted me for several months, no matter how much I bathed, the smell could not be gone. Even the rooftop climbing scenes I did myself without a stuntman. I dared to film those scenes because I went through a lot of hard work so I didn’t get bored at all. On the day of the release, my parents went to Hanoi to watch the first movie their son acted in. After watching, grandparents cried because they loved their children.

Ha Viet Dung: I like the feeling of saving money to send home to my wife - 3

– Did you get today by luck or hard work?

The most important thing is when I have an opportunity, how do I take advantage of it, and how is my attitude towards work. I consider myself a well-rounded person at work, having accepted to do my best, never “star” and never leave early. In addition, I also practice a lot about acting. The only weak point is radio, I myself am a Tay ethnic, I still speak Tay at home with my parents, no matter how much I practice, I can’t be as standard as Hanoi’s accent.

‘I have no conditions’

– In showbiz for a long time, but Ha Viet Dung is still simple and rustic. Have you ever felt attracted to flashy showbiz?

Simply the rich or the poor have their own joys and sorrows. I am satisfied with my current life. Every day that goes by, I can still go to the street to eat a bowl of pho and drink a cup of coffee. What I worry about is that my parents are getting old, my children’s future will be… But there is no end to running after a flashy, luxurious life. There are many people who buy a bag, an item equal to their whole year of work. I can’t live like that, I can’t follow. I like light-headed, greedy, hateful, only creating pressure for myself.

– Does Ha Viet Dung like and use branded goods?

Branded clothes, luxury clothes are happy to wear, everyone likes it, I like it too. But I have no conditions. People buy bags and shirts with their monthly salary.

My most expensive item so far is probably a car – the fruit of the couple’s savings over many years. The most luxurious is probably a brand shirt I bought many years ago, which I still wear often now. One day while filming, Mr. Phong (director Trinh Le Phong) teased me: “Why are you wearing such bad shoes?”. Actually, I often buy sida shoes (old shoes) 200,000 VND to go to film.

Ha Viet Dung: I like the feeling of saving money to send home to my wife - 4

– Many artists want to keep their perfect image in public. Ha Viet Dung seems to be an exception, he does not hesitate to say that he used to be poor and destitute…

I’m also afraid to tell, because I’m afraid people will say there are only those stories and keep telling them over and over. If anyone asks, I’ll just say it honestly, why say it like that, not hiding it. The past cannot be hidden, lying will be embarrassing.

– I observe at many events, even though he plays the main role, he does not often stand in the center, or in the crowd always chooses to appear quietly and discreetly?

My personality is not clever, not impulsive. If it’s not good to close, but it’s good, and it’s not good to be open. Many actors know how to make good images. As for me, I only know how to focus on doing my job, when I receive the next film, I will try to do better than the previous one.

Get to know your wife through social networks

– How do you know your wife?

We know each other through social media. My wife also doesn’t care that I’m a famous actress. We love and sympathize because we are all ethnic minorities, have the same customs and habits, and live close to each other. A married man will determine how much he needs a woman.

– I see many male artists actively choose a wife with good economic status as a solid rear to pursue art with peace of mind. What do you think?

We’ve gone through many hardships together, so she’s a solid support for me. When I opened a gym in Da Nang, business failed, my wife flew in to carry the burden. Now that I go to work, I like the feeling of doing this and that, saving money and sending it back to my wife. I like that feeling too. As long as the husband and wife, children and the whole family are healthy. It’s good to have a rich wife, but it’s okay not to be rich, slowly earn.

– He tried his hand at business but failed. What do you draw?

I’m not very sad. The first time I opened the gym, I thought the problem could not be solved before, I have no experience, but I just wanted to try. Now, I’ve learned one thing: I’m good at something, I can do whatever I’m good at. Now, in addition to performing, I also trade in alcohol with my brothers, but only lightly.

Ha Viet Dung: I like the feeling of saving money to send home to my wife - 5

– Are you satisfied with your current life?

I am satisfied. Thinking about the past time was so hard and miserable, being like today is already lucky. Most importantly, my family is healthy and safe. And to achieve this and that is very great.

– Appearing with Nhan Phuc Vinh and Tuan Tu in “Are you a man”, are you worried about being compared?

No. Many people often have to compete with each other to act. We know how to enhance each other to harmonize, not act on top of each other. Each actor should keep doing his or her character well, the audience will feel and love it.

Mr. Tuan Tu and Mr. Nhan Phuc Vinh have very honest and natural acting. In real life, we and Mr. Trinh Le Phong (director) are very close, see each other all day. We treat each other openly and close.

– Thank you.

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